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We can use our Phone , Digital or DSRL camera to take good pictures.Best photo will be captured when we will keep many things in our mind like sunlight,pose,filters and camera angle before taking picture.Social network is part of our daily life and we used to update our photo daily. facebook and Instagram gives you best platform which can be used to showcase your all photos using the square format and also allow using hashtagging skills. These photographs are different types like  selfie,group photo,nature or food. People having millions of followers on facebook and instagram so our photo should be perfectly captured before posting on social network.So I think , there are 2 kinds of posts, selfies and everything else we capture.


Photography is just like painting colors with light. You don’t shoot all this things, You capture them using camera. You just paint a picture to the things you see only by adding light.


For Selfies :
1.Your face = centre of attention

The whole point before taking selfie is to highlight your face in front of camera by focal point.we mean it should be very beautiful limelight in the image which will make photo perfect. No matter whether your face is in the right, left, bottom or centre, it only needs to be subject in the picture. You should avoid taking selfies with backgrounds that have commotion, like shops or random people crowd.The best selfies are those which have solid backgrounds as all the attention is towards your face and other things are ignored.This make your photo more attractive and you will get maximum likes.

2. Edit, but beware!

We know that their are many filter application and also built-in filters on facebook and instagram.This filters make best beauty hacks, but overly edited pictures look very bad. NO matter how many #nofilter tags you put below your photo but edited picture can’t be hidden.Your should also avoid using color altering filters but Basic fixes which change brightness and contrast are alright and help to look photo should try to keep your photo original,extra filters can effects to look your picture bad. So you should give a break to more editing and post pictures in your raw form.

For example, the above photo is unedited and below one is edited using extra filtered. Make your choice which type of photo you want.

3. Best selfie pose!

take best pictures

We take many selfie daily and can’t decide which pose can make our selfie to look perfect.We should keep many thinks in our mind before taking picture,light is very importance and distance of face between camera.It’s practically not possible to look best while clicking a selfie. You try many times to get best selfie but you fail, Why ? Here’s what is important while taking selfie. Tilting your head at the right angle which makes your face to look much prettier than the state it was before.The right angle helps to highlights your cheekbones and brings forward that perfect smile which make perfect photo. Usually, taking a selfie by keeping your phone slightly above the level of your eye and tilt it a little to make good pose.

4. Sunlight is your bestfriend

Sunlight is better than ALL filters. I mean that. Trust me, photo with no amount of makeup or filters make your skin look more attractive and beautiful.picture look natural in sunlight. The sun’s golden rays helps to make perfect light up your skin and also make your hair to look the perfect black-brown shade without using any filters. SO the next time just open window, do take the sun’s assistance and then start clicking and see the magic of sunlight.

For Food photo
(We first click photos of our food before eating it and upload on our social network like facebook and instagram)
5. Top shot!

For food photos, alway a top angle is the best one because it will shows all the vibrant colors and also shows the plating in the most efficient manner which make photo to look good. Mostly all restaurants have lighting which increase the exposure and contrast of food pictures. you should also add the perfect hashtag below of your food pictures like  #foodmuh #foodbest.


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