To be a Hollywood actress means to be A wealthiest Actress. Most of the Hollywood actresses due to their acting powers, family fortunes, and relations, are enjoying a luxurious life with much wealth. Those days are over when men gone to the billion dollar club, now in this world of diminishing qualities gender pay gap, many women going to the billion dollar club with their strong will powers and determination, so is the case with these top richest Hollywood actresses, these women are so good that you can’t miss a single movie or add they are part of. Here are top richest Hollywood actress name list.

Top 10 richest Hollywood actresses 2017-2018 list

1. Dina Merill

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $5 billion

Dina Merill was born on 29 december, 1923, in Nedenia Margorie Hutton. She is an amazing American actress, philanthropist, and a great business woman. Of her era, she is the richest woman. She has a net worth of $5 billion total. beside her work she belongs to a greater family heritage.
In her career, she has taken part in more than 20 movies, Merill have gone through three marriages having six children out of which four remains. She launched many charities which she supports like New York city mission society and Juvenile diabetes foundation.she is on 1st position of top 10 richest  hollywood actress name list.
At her age now she hardly performs in any movie role now, but now a day she is a great philanthropist and socialist.

2. Julia Louise-Dreyfus

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $3.4 billion

She has born on January 16, 1931. She is an American actress, producer and comedian, who is famous for her role in Saturday night lives (1982-85), the new adventure of the old Christine (2006-10), Veep, and Seinfeld (1989-98). She has also nominated in several awards and won three of them.
In 1993 she earned her first Golden Globe. In 1996 she won her first Emmy. She has brilliant acting powers and a great communicator. All her works are so famous that no one can miss the next one and waited for it ever. She is the famous icon of the Hollywood industry. And now she is one of the top richest Hollywood actresses.

3. Jami Gertz

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $2 billion

Jami Beth Gertz has born on 28th October, 1965. She is a great American actress and a philanthropist, having worth of $2 billion. She is married to a billionaire Tony Ressler. Firstly, she was a great actress and earned a huge fan in her films and every work, many times nominated for brilliant awards and achieve many of them. Then she moved to France, where she worked as a scent designer for Lanvin.
Recently she has been a part of the comedy series, “Modern Family”. She is a part of Ressler/Gertz foundation as well. And further she supports educational causes in Los Angeles.she is on 2nd position of top 10 richest  hollywood actress name list.

4. Jessica Alba

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $340 million

Jessica Marie Alba has born on 28th April, 1981. She is a famous on-screen actress, and an intellectual businesswoman. Jessica is a recipient of multiple awards like Golden Globes for her famous movie “Dark Angel”. She also won teen choice award and the Saturn award for best Hollywood actress on television.

Alba started her career at age of 13 by appearing on the television in the camp nowhere and also in the “secret world of Alex Mack 1994.
She gets a break as a lead actress in James Cameron television series Dark Angel (2000-02) at the age of 19.

Besides being a great actress she is proud co-founder and having 20% shareholder of the “The honest Company” that was a startup of billion dollars. This startup brand produces safe and effective products for the whole of the family; Jessica’s deep love for her children inspired the actress to start this company.she is on 3rd position of top 10 richest  hollywood actress name list.

5. Sandra Bullock

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $200 million

Jessica was born firstly a voice singer then an opera singer. At opera house, she speared at first in a tender age of 5. With the movie “speed” in 1994 make her acting debut by The Academy Award. Afterwards, she starts appearing in amazing movies like “Gravity”, “The proposal” and “Miss Congeniality” which makes her fan growing popularity. In the famous movie “The blind side, ” she won an Oscar and a Golden Globe award.

In the year 2005, Bullock was married to Jesse James, but unfortunately the divorced after five years, having a son whose name is Louise and a baby girl named Laila. Now in the Hollywood industry, she is considered one of the richest actresses.

6. Victoria Principal

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $200 million

Victoria has born on 3rd January 1950. She is a famous on-screen actress, a published author and a great businesswoman. Victoria gets popularity and prominence for her part as Pamela Barnes Ewing on the Musical Show Dallas (1978-87).

At the start, from her childhood she never wishes to be a part of the entertainment Industry. Basically, she was born in a Military family in Japan. Then she had a horrible accident in a car, afterwards she decided to move into L.A and starts acting as a prime career.

Victoria also has her own skincare line called “Principal skin” which is also a source of great income for her almost offering worth of $1 billion revenue.

7. Miley Cyrus

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $200 million

Milly has born to vocalist Billy Ray Cyrus has become famous as an artist, paparazzi top chase and performer. She begins acting at a very tender age and becomes widely popular for the debut as Hanna Montana at Disney channel. She is the part of several charities. She has sung many singles like “send it on”, “just stand up!” and “we are world 25 for Haiti”, and the most famous one “Everybody Hurts”.
Besides being a prominent personality in the Hollywood, she is a socialist icon, and also works for charities, and now a days she is one of the top richest Hollywood actresses.

8. Julia Roberts

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $170 million

Julia is a famous American actress, and a socialist. She has a wonderful start of her career. At first she gets prominence by her movies like “Pretty Movies”, “Steel Magnolias” and “My best friends Wedding”. She won the Oscar award for her part in “Erin Brokovich”, for this act she paid $20 million, she was the first female artist to bag such a huge sum of money ever.

Julia also won academic awards in 1990 and 2000. She has also been a part of recent box office hits such as “Valentine’s day”, “Eat Part love”, “august: Osage country”. She has been engaged since 2002 to cameraman Danny Moder.

9. Angelina Jolie

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $160 million

She is one of the healthiest active female artist ever. Actor Brad Pit’s better half (now ex- better half), her total worth is calculated as $160 million. Jolie was born to perform well in the whole Hollywood industry, she was a great performing artist Jon Voight and on screen actress Marcheline Bertrand.

When she was young, she takes part in different fashion shoes, and musical videos. She had won her first Golden Globe Award for the famous movie “Gia” in 1990.

Jolie have recently done a wide range movie, including the well known “Lara Croft” series. She has great sense of generosity and very helpful endeavors towards refugees in different countries like Jordan and Cambodia.

10. Jennifer Aniston

hollywood actress name

Net worth – $150 million

Jennifer’s income is recorded $27 million annually by American business magazine Forbes. Her total assets are evaluated as $150 million as of 2014.

Her full name is Jennifer Joana Aniston. She was born on 11th Febraury 1969. In 1994 she gained worldwide fame, for the TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, for portraying apparently Rachel Green in the sitcom. Where she won her first Golden Globe Award and then Prime time Emmy Award. For FRIENDS she was getting $1 million per episode. She gets much fame and popularity in the Hollywood industry, and now she is one of the top richest ladies of Hollywood.

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