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Top 10 Richest hollywood Actors List in 2017-2018


It’s obvious that when someone gets fame and become popular, many doors of more success open for them. There are a lot of actors and actress in the world who earning a quality income through their professional work career in film Industries either its Bollywood or Hollywood. When actors once become richest, their demand increases and they got many opportunities to work and they becomes highly demanding as well. It’s definitely true to say fame and popularity is the basic key to success and this success afterwards become the reason of their luxurious life ahead. So is the case with many Hollywood actors, now a day they are touching the skies by their success fame and quality of their unique work which makes them different from others and make them shining stars on a deep and wide dark sky.

Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors List in 2017-2018


1. Jerry Seinfeld

hollywood actors list jerry seinfeld

Net worth – $820 million
The great writer and great comedian known for his work is “Seinfeld”. He is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors List as first position.His shows are of nine seasons and they usually have reruns for many times. The shows written by him are Marriage Ref, comedian in car, getting coffee. Besides this he has many quality deals including Microsoft Adds of 2008 for which had earned $10 Million. These all great achievements of him make him matchless from all actors in the Hollywood, and crushing everyone in the Industry. All due to his work his total worth is $820 million and he is the top richest Hollywood actor on the Industry and comedian field.


2. Tom Cruise

hollywood actors list tom cruise
Net worth – $480 million
Thomas cruise Mapother born on 3rd July, 1962, professionally known as Tom Cruise, is an American Producer and Actor. Many times nominated for Academic awards and won Golden Globe Awards. In the age of 19 he started his career from his famous film “Endless Love”. He is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors List as second position.Now his famous and most popular movies are Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible and Top Gun. Due his greater, unique and prominent work he is now the second top richest actor of Hollywood. He is mostly famous for his powerful stunts. These all famous work of his is previous but still he is working on many more. In overall the Mission Impossible Saga he being paid $290 million and reportedly becomes the highest paid actor of the Hollywood. In all the game he is the second richest Man due to all his achievement.


3. Johnny Depp

hollywood actors list johnny depp
Net worth – $450 million
John Christopher Depp is a musician, producer and great American actor. He is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors List as third position.He won many awards due to his abilities and powerful performances, like Screen Actors Guild award and Golden Globe award for best acting and as best actor. Tim Burton is his long time partner. He is a leading character in many of his movies “Edward scissor hands”, “Sweeny Todd: The demon barber of fleet streets”, and “Alice in Wonderland”. The best, famous and greatly achieved fame of the “Pirate of the Caribbean movies” lead him to get paid $185 million, which is highly great worth. Unlike his fellow actors, he had also nominated three times in Oscar Awards.


4. Tyler Perry

hollywood actors list tyler perry
Net worth – $450 million
Tyler Perry is an American filmmaker, producer, writer, songwriter, specialized in Gospel Genre, and director. He is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors List as fourth position.He wrote a number of stage plays in 1990 and early 2000. He has born on 13th September, 1969, in New Orleans, United states. He is of age 48. He started his career by writing many plays and then he tried to convert his plays in movies. Like his many fellow actors he may be never nominated in Oscar Award but still, he is the richest in all them. There are huge thanks for him for his movies and plays, which remain quite successful. His famous works are For Better or Worse, If Loving you is wrong, and Haves and the haves not’s. Due to all his achievement his total worth is $450 million.


5. Jack Nicholson

hollywood actors list jack nikolson
Net worth – $400 million
John Joseph Nicholson is an American filmmaker and actor, from 60 years he is performing, he famous for his supporting and starring roles on a wide range, including Comedy. He is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actors List as fifth position.Much time passes that we didn’t see the Actor on screen, because officially he is retired now. Now he didn’t seem interested in acting. In 2010 he did with his last movie “How do you know”. But throughout his career he did many great works including much shows and movies. The “Batman” was his greatest paid work which was of $60 million due to many sales. He was also nominated 9 times for Oscar Awards and won this Award three times which is a greater achievement. His best works are “the Shining”, “the Departed”, “and terms of Endearment”. So it’s obvious to understand that why he is free now day, the answer is very clear that after getting much fame and popularity, he is now on rest and enjoying his life.


6. Tom Hanks

hollywood actors list tom hanks
Net worth – $390 million
Thomas Jeffery Hanks is an American Filmmaker and Actor. He is well known for his dramatic and comedian works. He has born on 9th of July, 1956, in Concord, California, United States. His age is 61. His total net worth is $390 million. This respected and graceful actor started his career by “Saving private rayan”, “Forrest Gupm”, “Toy Story” and “the green Mile”. He has still continuing his career and there is chance of stop. He has been nominated three times in Oscar Award and won two times. His highly paid work was “Forrest Gump” in which he made $70 million by so many sales. Due to his great works and better achievement now he is the top richest man in the Hollywood.


7. Bill Cosby

hollywood actors list bill cosby
Net worth – $380 million
William Henry Cosby is an American musician, actor, author and stand-up comedian. He has born on 12th of July 1937, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. His age is 80. This actor and comedian start his career with his mostly known work “The Cosby show”, and “Fat Albert the Cosby Kids”. He makes many shoes which show his talented work including “A Different World”. Although he is now of 80, but still he receiving many checks, and appeared many times on the screen recently. That’s what he is the top richest Hollywood actor, and have make her name prominent and is much popular having $380 million worth.


8. Clint Eastwood

hollywood actors list clint
Net worth – $370 million
Clint Eastwood Jr. is a filmmaker, musician, political figure and a great American actor. He has born on 31st of May 1930, in San Francisco, California, United states. His age is 87. He achieved success in many western TV series and makes his remark. For a quite long time he is working in the Industry. The most famous and successful works of Clint are Million dollar Baby, Unforgiven, Gran Torino. His last work was “Trouble with the curve”. He is not doing acting in movies now but he is still working in directing and producing films. He nominated many times in different Awards, and won three times Oscar Awards which is a great success. Now he is enjoying his bank balance with little interesting activities, and he is the top richest person in this all game.


9. Keanu Reeves

hollywood actors list keanu zastavki
Net worth – $350 million
Keanu Charles Reeves kee-AHH-noo; is a Canadian producer, director, musician and famous actor. He has born on 2 September 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon. His age is 53. His popularity and fame was much more in early and mid ‘19s. But this actor got much fame due to his work “The Matrix Saga”. And the sales according to percentage was highest and he was thanked by the whole Industry for this much sale and was paid $126 million. Although now a day he is not so much on the screen but he is still working and highly pad actor of the Hollywood. The most recent popular work of Keanu was “John Wick” in year 2014, this work get a sequel. His acting career was more than three decade, which is a great success. Now he is one of the top richest actors of Hollywood.


10. Adam Sandler

hollywood actors list adam sandler
Net worth – $340 million
Adam Richard Sandler is an American comedian, screenwriter, film producer, musician and popular Actor. He has born on 9 September in Brooklyn, New York city, United States. He is of 51 years old. He is still pumping out in many movies, he most of time criticized due to some reasons, but he is still making money by doing many movies and works like “Pixels” and “Grown up”. He gives $30 millions to theatrical Distributions as fee for his all movies. And now he is 10th richest Hollywood star.





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