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Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List in 2017-2018


When we listen about “Indian film Industry” there comes in our mind “Bollywood”. Bollywood is the famous and largest Industry of India. There are a lot of actors and actresses which are talented, skilled, beautiful and richest as well, the categorization is different regarding all these factors. Indian actresses are no doubt beautiful as well as talented, and they are earning monthly and annually at both level, a quality income. Indian film Industry in other words “Bollywood” industry paying much to them for their talent and unique work, and always they are appreciated in fully grown Indian Industry. We have seen everywhere the richest actors and their achievements, now here is the richest Bollywood actress list.


Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List in 2017-2018

1. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan

bollywood actress list aishwarya rai
Net worth – $35 Million
She has born on 1st November, 1973. Aishwariya Rai is the famous Indian Actress, gorgeous model as well as won the “Miss World Pageant” of 1994. She is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List as first position.She is the real beauty and get much fame after the sport span crown. Her beauty is matchless and she is mostly famous for her blue beautiful and attractive eyes, and her charming smile. In rank of actresses of Bollywood, Aishwariya is on the top of the list, having worth of $35 millions. In her 30 years of the acting career she won many prizes and many times nominated. The Miss world is recognized by her matchless beauty. In the Indian film Industry and whole bollywood, Aish is considered the most gorgeous and beautiful actress, she married to Abishek Bachchan and now being a successful wife and successful mother she also appearing in movies and still continues her career with her matchless beauty, her skills, and her performance abilities.


2. Ameesha Patel

bollywood actress list amisha patel
Net worth – $30 Million
She has born in 9th of June, 1976. She is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List as second position.She predominantly appeared in Indian Industry, she is famous Indian Actresses and beautiful model of the Industry. Ameesha had appeared more than 125 Indian Movies and earned much fame by her unique features and talents of acting. She is second top most beautiful as well as richest actresses of the film industry having worth of $30 Million. Ameesha’s career starts from her top most famous and first movie “Kaho na Pyaar Hy” with which she is known. Now for every film she is the most wanted personality. In Indian Industry she is a high Profile celebrity now a days.


3. Deepika Pedukone


bollywood actress list deepika
Net worth – $30 Million
Deepika has born on 5th January, 1986. She is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List as third position.She is the gorgeous model and iconic celebrity of Bollywood who earned her fame by many films and won many awards and prizes including three awards from FilmFare, and now a day’s Deepika is highly payed actress of Indian Industry. A famous movie “Om shanty Om” directed by Farah khan becomes the reason of Fame for Deepika Pedukone; she earns much fame and popularity after this film with Shahrukh Khan, after this she becomes the most searched personality of the Industry. Now she is getting much fame by signing for different brands and companies like cosmetic brand, like Nescafe, Maybelline, Garnier and Pepsi. She becomes the very expensive actress of India by signing a endorsement deal of $900,000 which is the huge deal ever.


4. Amrita Rao

bollywood actress list amritarao
Net worth – $20 Million
She has born on 17th of June, 1981. Amrita is a famous Indian model and Actress. She is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List as fourth position.She gains fame from many Indian Movies and some movies of Telugu as well. Now a day she is very popular heroin of the Indian Industry. Her demand in movies increased after her fame which she get in the movies like “Main hon na” and “Masti” etc. now she is the most demanding and searched celebrity of the India. Her Gorgeous beauty and her awesome performance has made her the fashion model and brand Ambassador of India’s Bridal Fashion week. She appeared in 11 different films from 2009 to 2015, and she earned $9 million only from movies.


5. Kajol Devgan

bollywood actress list kajol
Net worth – $18 Million
She has born on 5th august, 1974. Kajol Predominantly works in Hindi cinema and is a famous Indian actress. She is mentioned in Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actress List as fifth position.She has very attractive features and unbeatable beauty. Her source of income on primary level has been endorsement and films estimated round about $18 million. She is a highly paid actress of the Indian film Industry now a day. She charged couple of Crores for every film since last 5 years. She got fame after her famous movies and becomes the most wanted heroin for movies.


6. Ileana D’cruz

bollywood actress list IleanaDcruz
Net worth – $14 million
She has born on 1st November, 1987. Ileana is a Film actress of Bollywood Industry. She appeared in both Hindi a Telugu films and got fame and make her career successful. She won the Filmfare award for her best female Debut and her impressive role and her portrayal on the demanding films. Her best acting skill in Telugu movies leads her to won the Filmfare award for her bestest comedy film “Jalsa”. In 2012 she was awarded as fresh face as vogue beauty and earned much attention. Now a day she is most famous and popular in Indian industry and total net worth is 14 million.


7. Karishma Kapoor


bollywood actress list karishma kapoor

Net worth – $12 million
She has born on 25th June, 1974. Karishma Kapoor is an famous Actress of Bollywood, besides being a part of the Kapoor family she is daughter of Babita and Ranbir kapoor. The attractive and charming personality of Karishma leads her to have a net worth of $12 million. It was considered that as she belongs to Kapoor family and a family of directors and producers, she automatically comes in the Industry without any effort. But with her skills and worth she proved herself when she got fame and get popular after her film “Prem Qaiidi”. This was considered a huge hit in the report of box office.


8. Kathrina Kaif


bollywood actress list kathrina kaif
Net worth – $8 million
Kathrina Kaif is a western and Indian actress, she has United Kingdom citizenship. She is famous for her beauty and charming personality in whole Bollywood Industry. She is a skilled lady with awesome acting in every film. Her worth is $8 million earned by her fame and popularity. She is known as the most handsome personality in the Indian industry due to her young looks. Since 2003 she worked as a model in London, there she noticed by a filmmaker and then she appeared in movies. Her first movie was “boom”. And her famous and successful movie was “mainy Pyar kyun kiya” (2005). Now a day she is very popular in all Indian Industry.


9. Prianka Chopra

bollywood actress list priyanka chopra
Net worth – $7 million
Prianka Chopra is somehow different actress from others. Besides being an Indian actress, she is model, singer, producer, and philanthropist. She won beauty contest as miss world pageant in 2000. Her total worth is $7 million. Prianka due to her intellect, knowledge, and beautiful features, is now very famous and popular in whole Indian Industry. Her charming eyes and beautiful features leads her towards success in so many movie, other than movies, Prianka is a social person and doing many other works.


10. Anushka Sharma

bollywood actress list anushka sharma
Net worth – $6 million
Anushka Sharma is the beautiful and youngest Actress of Bollywood owns $6 millions. She is very attractive and charming personality and now a day richest actress in a little age. First of all she was a model, and then she goes to Mumbai to fulfill her dream. There she takes part in an audition and got selected for her first movie “Rab ny bna di Jori” and after that she becomes much popular in the industry and then afterwards she nominated for the best actress in Film fare awards.





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