For us to co-exist peacefully, we need laws and regulations guiding our conduct. This is what we call “the Law” – it plays a big role in any functional society.
In a scenario where there are no laws guiding human conduct, people would commit crimes willingly because they know that nobody is going to hold them accountable for their actions.
Anarchy is a situation that arises where the law is non-existent or not recognized. This is why countries have a set of laws that are in place and a sound Judiciary system is what keeps people in check.
While we have “law enforcement” officials that ensure that rules and regulations are maintained in a country, there are lawyers who are professionals that make sure that their clients don’t have to be subject to any injustice and also have a “fair” chance in defending themselves.
This is the reason why some individuals don’t mind spending a lot of money on brilliant lawyers that have a track record of winning difficult cases in court.
Here is a list of the top 10 highly paid lawyers in the world in 2017:

10. Benjamin Richard Civiletti

Benjamin Richard Civiletti

Benjamin Richard Civiletti is 82 years old yet he is still a force to be reckoned with it in the legal profession in USA.

He was the United States attorney general from 1979 – 1981. In 2005, he became first lawyer in the United States to charge $1000 per hour. Benjamin has an impressive track record of winning difficult cases so you would have to cough out at least “$300,000” to hire him if you are desperately looking to win a court case.
His speciality is commercial litigation and internal investigations.
He is regarded as being one of the most famous lawyers in the USA and he is works are usually shown to law students (and also admired by younger lawyers) to inspire and spark some creativity in them.

9. Howard Kevin Stern

Howard Kevin Stern

Howard Kevin Stern is a 48 year old lawyer currently based in California, USA. Howard Stern was in a relationship with popular super model Anna Nicole Smith (who is now late). He also used to be her attorney and agent.

Howard is a lawyer that doesn’t like losing at all… so you have to be rich for you to even have a chance of hiring him.
In 1990, Stern graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1990.
On February 25th 1994, Howard Stern got admitted to the state bar of California. He started his own private practice right after he finished law school in Los Angeles, California.

8. Stacey Gardner

Stacey Gardner

Stacey Gardner is a 37 year old California based lawyer that is married to former tennis superstar Mardy Simpson Fish.

She started out as a model, while studying for her law degree. After getting her law degree she immediately started her own private practice.
Stacey was on a show called “Deal or No Deal” produced by NBC and was nicknamed “the Briefcase Model” – this was referencing the fact that she was studying to be a lawyer at that time.
Asides from working in her own private practice, Stacey Gardner actively participates in her local bar and high court proceedings.

7. Vikki Ziegler

Vikki Ziegler

Vikki Ziegler is a lawyer and also an author. She is the founding partner of the law firm (Ziegler and Zemsky LLC) where she works.

She specialises in martrimonial law. Her book is titled “The Pre-marital Planner: A Complete Legal Guide to a Perfect Marriage”.
Asides from her legal career, Vikki is also a business person as she founded a match-making website (, a celebrity gossip website ( and she has a brand of hair perfume called “Lavish by Vikki Ziegler”.
And she has a TV show that is basically focused on what she does as a divorce lawyer and mediator.
Her popularity outside the legal profession is what gives her a steady supply of clients.
One of the high-profile cases that she was involved in the mid 2000s was the divorce of Michael Strahan (former New York Giants star player from the National Football League in USA).

6. Harish Salve

Harish Salve

Harish Salve is a 62 year old lawyer based in India. He was the Solicitor General of India for 3 years (1999 – 2002).

He is also one of the most powerful men in India currently. Harish Salve specialises in taxation, commercial and constitutional law.
Harish Salve was initially a practising accountant just like his father before he moved to study law and become a lawyer. His grandfather and great-grandfather were also practising lawyers.
Currently Salve practices at the Supreme Court of India for most of his cases but in the past he has represented large corporations and big celebrities in India which earned him a high fortune.

He represented Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who was previously sentenced to 5 year jail term for a hit-and-run accident that happened in 2002 where one man died and four others were injured… Salve won the case and Salman Khan never went to jail even for a single day.
Asides from his legal career, Salve is also a business man, investor and industrialist.

5. Willie E. Gary

Willie E. Gary

Willie Gary is 70 years old. Asides from being a lawyer, he is a cable television executive and motivational speaker.

Gary has won law suits against big corporations like Anheuser-Busch and DisneyLand through his law firm (Gary, Williams, Parenti, Finney, Lewis, McManus, Watson & Sperando, P.L.).

He first earned a degree in Business Administration from Shaw University before he got his law degree from North Carolina Central University.
Gary has made a fortune by being a lawyer; he has two private jets and two Rolls Royce.
And he has won more than 150 multimillion-dollar law suits, one of which is a $500 million award grand to a client he represented in Mississippi.

4. Vernon Jordan

Jordan Vernon

Vernon Jordan is 82 years old. He is one of the popular faces of the civil rights movement in the United States. He was a close adviser of former president Bill Clinton.

He got his law degree from the Howard University School of Law.
Jordan is also a strong figure in United States politics.

In 1961, he played an important role in wining a lawsuit against University of Georgia for refusing to admit two students based on race alone. After this victory his law career skyrocketed and he became a sought after lawyer.

3. Jose Baez

Jose Baez

Jose Baez is a 49 years old and he is one of the most recognizable names in the United States legal sphere. The fee he charges puts him among the top lawyers in the world.

Some estimates put his net worth at over $5 million.
His most popular case was being the lead attorney for a murder case involving Casey Anthony who was eventually freed in July 2011.


Jose Baez is highly sought after because of his track record of winning extremely difficult cases that should have been won by the prosecutor.
Baez started his private practice immediately after finishing his law degree. And although he has had some ups and downs in his career as a lawyer, his career is on the rise because of his impeccable track record.

2. John Gregory Branca

John Gregory Branca

John Gregory Branca is a 66 year old entertainment lawyer. He represents celebrities, independent investors, independent music labels and music publishing catalogs.

He represented the late Michael Jackson and has represented more musicians than any other lawyer in the USA.
John Branca has basically won most of the cases that he has being involved with for people and companies in Hollywood and the fashion industry in the United States.
Branca has a degree in musicology from Occidental College, Los Angeles, California. He got this degree before earning his law degree.

1. Wichai Thongtang

Wichai Thongtang

Wichai Thongtang is a lawyer turned investor. He is without a doubt the richest lawyer in the world. Forbes estimates his net worth to be over $1.1 billion. His net worth is more than the other 9 lawyers on this list combined.

According to Forbes Thongtang gets the biggest amount of his fortune from a minority stake in hospital operator Bangkok Dusit.
Thongtang has represented former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra before and he was a successful lawyer before he became an investor.

These lawyers are the highest paid in the world… they reached this level of success because of talent and hard work. And if you want to hire any of these lawyers, make sure you have a fat bank account.

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