How to speed up android phone

Are you experiencing slow speed of  your device? Here I provide fast track solution for you.

It’s the one and the only best accelerator, DU SPEED BOOSTER. The application enabled to merge all android devices, support handsets and other affiliate systems.

The home page has these tools:

i. Accelerator
ii. Trash cleaner
iii. App Manager
iv. Speed Test
v. Security (Antivirus)

Trash cleaner, App Manager, Antivirus, and the Accelerator, are the main application tools powered to regulate android device operating system. Without them, then nothing significant would be expected. They are enabled to clear any staggering files thereby leaving your phone in a conducive environment to run smoothly. For that matter, I therefore move forward to discuss how is this possible and the procedure followed to optimize the handset navigation speed. Consider the discussion as enumerated below.

1. Accelerator

Is a super integrated activity tool. Comes numberone to mitigate against speed limitation for your android smartphone. It makes use of speed engine to accelerate running apps in the device background. An advantage to the whole system. As it works to release hidden memory preventing your phone suffering delayed sensor response.

How does it accelerate the operating system activity:


I. Open DU SPEED BOOSTER in your home screen and tap the Accelerator tool to display rest of the features.
II. Press the ‘accelerate’ button noting which apps are you accelerating. All of them shall be displayed on the screen.
III. The entire phone operating system will now be accelerated. To complete, press the ‘Finish’ button.

2. Trash Cleaner:

Trash cleaner ensure all system trash and residual files are cleared from the system. When present, they slow down the navigation of the device on the internet , similarly, internal system data processing for offline management. All the cache residual trashis removed releasingmemory. The released memory supports the device against indispensable data backup that would slow down your smartphone. You can now swiftly browse at no strain.

Conversely, an immense feature of isolating and deleting mega files is available. These are the files that occupy massive storage space in the memory. They can easily impair online activity due to a big back weight in the memory. You’ll therefore realise, surfing the internet become problematic. Because, the load in your smartphone limit the device online functionality. Hence you need to undertake memory cleansing using advanced cleaner feature provided in the trash cleaner tool. The only way to redeem your phone internet search speed.
Select files of less interest and clean. System trash at a times would hide here. You need to be careful to clear them away, or else become a burden.

How is it done?


I. Open the DU SPEED BOOSTER in the home screen and tap the trash cleaner tool. Memory to be cleaned will display.
II. Press ‘clean’ button at the bottom of the screen. All files run through the system sieving out residual trash.
III. Press ‘Finish’ button to complete. You can now download and open multiple pages on the internetwithoutstrain.

3. App Manager

Is the most superior tool in management of applications. Characterised by machinery features to uninstall or change memory storage for import applications. Only downloaded applications will be free to move but not system apps. Any effort to move, disable, or uninstall system apps, hamper the whole device operating system. Most apps now begin to misbehave creating difficulty to the operator. That’s why no attempt to uninstall system apps should be allowed.
With this tool, you’ll only access to disable and uninstall downloaded applications and not pre installed apps. A guided function to avoid distortion of your smartphone operations.

How is it done:


I. Move Applications to SD CARD:
– Open the app manager in DU SPEED BOOSTER home screen.
– Tap ‘Move to SD CARD’ feature.
– Select specific applications to be moved, as all apps will be displayed.
– Press ‘Move to SD CARD’ button. Wait for a moment to receive a confirmation, ‘App moved to SD CARD’, displayed.

II. Uninstall
– Repeat step (i) above.
– Tap ‘Uninstall ‘ feature to display all apps on the screen. You’ll be warned against uninstalling of system apps. Since they will cause other applications to misbehave.
– Select downloaded apps you intend to uninstall. These are the applications of little importance in your androidsmartphone.
– Press ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall the selected apps. You’ll only be directed to uninstall one app at a time, and not multiple apps. What follows is for you to confirm uninstall instruction.

4. Speed Test:

Though ‘Speed Test’ tool is least implicated to playa role in this system, it adds up to the complementary functionality of the above mentioned tools. Just like the others, it aims at device navigation speed modification. It first tests device running speed. An avenue to establish the background of boosting the phone operating system frequency. It’ll relay the signal to boost the device on screen, ‘slow’ at the top screen, and ‘Restart’ at the right lower corner of the screen.Calling action to be taken by use of other tools to accelerate frequency of the device.

How is done:

Speed Test Procedure:

I. Open ‘Speed Test’ tool in DU SPEED BOOSTER home screen.
II. Press ‘start’ button to initiate the process. You’ll be told, a small data amount will be consumed. Accept by pressing ‘Continue’ to roll it down.
III. The process will be complete and the speed of your device shall be registered. If slow, you’ll need to boost, if medium or high, you may decide to hold it on. That is it. Your device can now function normal.

5. Antivirus (Device Security):

If you intend to puncture your device operating system, then never bother about scanning for antivirus. We mostly believe antivirus are meant only for PCs and Desktop computers, but not Smartphones. This is a killer disease. It’s an enlightenment to be informed, smartphones just like other electronic devices are prone to viruses. The avenue for breakdown of the whole system. Care should be taken.
With DU SPEED BOOSTER Antivirus scan, your device is assured of software security free of internal breakages due to viruses. What you only need to do, is toremember periodical scan.

Antivirus Scan Procedure:

I. Open ‘Security tool’ in the app home screen to display the ‘Antivirus’ button.
II. Press the button to disclose antivirus engine scan page.
III. Press ‘Quick Scan’ button to begin the scan. Phone memory will be scanned first, later on, you’ll be asked to scan the SD CARD.
IV. Tap ‘Finish’ to complete. You can now safely store files and open without any interference. No limitations.




As you have visualise, DU SPEED BOOSTER application is a one way easiest to optimise your Android system smartphone. A reliable means to repair your device software. No other application will perform like it does. The only similarity is, they will have the antivirus scan and app manager, but again complicated to implement its use. No learner education is required for you to manage your phone usingDU SPEED BOOSTER.The only feature mandatoryis, to follow simply guided instructions. That’s all. No more is required from you.
An Easy More Integrated Way To Protect And Optimise Your Android Operating System SmartphoneSpeed.

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