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How to make your own new home designs (kitchen, interior, bathroom, furniture)


Be your own new home designs decor !!


The kitchen requires the most maintenance and everyday care, it suffers most from wear, has a very important function in our lives – for this reason, the kitchen is the most important and most expensive room when designing a home …

If you imagine your home as a big company, your kitchen is in that case an executive office. It is a place where daily important decisions and tasks are made, during breakfast, during a family dinner or during a weekend meal. Many tasks to do more on the refrigerator, and important dates are marked on the calendar in the kitchen – we can say that the kitchen is very important in our house. This is the place of meeting and the “traffic” zone, if you place an important note on the kitchen wall, you can be sure that everyone will see it. Satisfying the need for functionality and ergonomics is imperative when the kitchen is designed. Sometimes, wrongly designed kitchen can cause difficulties in realizing everyday tasks. Redesigning or installing a new kitchen is a major task that requires consideration of all aspects. Professional help is also welcome, if you want your kitchen to be functional.



When designing your dream kitchen, which will fit perfectly into your style and lifestyle, good planning is crucial. If you have a large family and prepare meals everyday, you will probably need a lot of work surfaces, double sinks, quality appliances, spacious pantry, smartly organized solutions …
The kitchen definitely does not need to be an item of savings, it is your priority. But if you’re used to preparing breakfast toast or preparing simple dishes for your friends from time to time and it’s your culinary range, opt for simpler and less ambitious kitchen designs. Consider saving your kitchen budget and investing in areas of high importance to you. You do not have to spend a fortune on the kitchen if it’s not an important place for your everyday routine. You will still have a nice and functional kitchen – and some additional spaces in your interior, where you will enjoy.

Think about adding other features in the kitchen and making the most of your space. Incorporate a small office, library or reading corner. These small kitchen ideas are especially effective when there is a lack of in this way you can get your new home designs of ketchen.


They were faced with the option of sacrificing their convenient location for more space. After spending eight whole years in this home, this couple – an architect and designer of jewelry – decided to expand in order to make enough room for their two children, but they also wanted to stay in the part of Brooklyn that they love and are admiring.
The original two-storey house was completely stripped and extended to four levels, by adding an additional bedroom in the upper part and creating a modern entrance hall beneath it. The affection of this house demanded that its design be effective and modest as far as space is concerned – every inch was of great importance.

Precise positioning of walls, doors and windows was crucial, because each floor was designed and designed to serve a particular purpose. The lowest level is now the entrance part, there is a storage room, a mechanical part and a laundry room; on the first floor there is an open plan space with a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a library that opens to the garden from its front and back; On the second level there are two children’s rooms, as well as a bathroom with two washbasins, while the highest level is the main bedroom with a bathroom, a balcony and a terrace.

The stylish steel staircase is moved to the southern part of this home, and now connects this whole space in a vertical line, while at the same time attracts more light and fresh air.

The materials used to design this home were modest, natural and irresistible: the roughness of raw steel and high-quality walnut are in juxtaposition with the simple refinement of Carrara marble and mat ceramic tiles.

The end result is a home that is not only bigger but also lively – filled with the ability to make something completely new and unexpected from can get beautiful new home designs of Interiors.


Often we are talking about retro, rustic and chic styles, but this time we will focus on modern decor …
A modern style of decor may be excessive, but today we will talk about beautiful modern bathrooms that can inspire you to arrange your space in the same way.
Modern decor has a clean and chic look, without excessive components or too daring colors, and it can be added to the interest of various attractive features, textures and metallic accents. We present a few perfect ideas with the help of which you can enter a modern decor in your bathroom in the right way.

Modern decor can use any color, but most often it is seen in neutral and black tones. Different shades of gray are welcome in every way and you can create different combinations with neutral and dark shades for better contrast. Go for a wholly white bathroom or something more masculine space and make it modern. To make your bathroom more hospitable, you can take advantage of various wooden items and details, and the wood tones should be warm, luminous or structural to make your ambience more hospitable.

Forms and textures
Make your bathroom much more attractive by adding patterns and textures to its space. Look for ceramic tiles with geo patterns and wooden elements that can make your bathroom look like a spa. Add to the full combination of several metallic accents and details that will ensure an interesting look of your space. Concrete, stone or marble represent the right materials needed to add textures, and you can also use recycled wood to create an accent wall or wooden bath to achieve an identical effect.


Accents in your modern bathroom can be matte black finish, metallic lamps, jute carpets, wooden chairs, a mirror with built-in lighting, furniture, and even a gorgeous bathtub in a matt black color or made of wood, which is a very popular trend today.


This interactive concept came from the desire to create a fun piece of furniture that is easy to use and can be used both in the outside and in the interior. The furniture was created with high quality standards, while the Since1984 team worked very hard to ensure that their product is adaptive, affordable, self-sustaining, innovative and functional.
The collection consists of seven unique pieces of furniture that can be placed in many ways, assembled and disassembled just like the tetris cubes. Since these components can be easily arranged and rearranged to fit individual needs, users can choose the forms of lightweight bookshelves, or lay them next to each other, creating an extremely unique coffee table. Earlier this year, Since1984 took home “Home Interior Products” award, which is awarded at the European Product Design event.
This furniture is ideal for small living areas, but its minimalist aesthetics and industrial feel can also work perfectly in galleries, shops, offices and environments of classrooms. In professional settings such as the last mentioned operating environments, Since1984 furniture modules can be used to create tables, but also entire office settings. If you really feel creative, you can re-arrange
these components from the collection so that you can experiment with your décor every day.
The entire point since1984 of the furniture collection is to encourage older ones to play, so all that is required is to allow your inner child to freely stand out with these very creative pieces.

Do not wait to start editing your house..

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