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How to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and edge


How to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and edge:

1. Tweak automatic brightness slider

Samsung devices allow users to set brightness even when under automatic mode.This feature is very good, as your phone still have adapting to your surroundings to auto change brightness.And as you should know, the display is consume battery more so it should be set to automatic mode but best if you set to 15-20% brightness without auto mode.

A simple, but efficient fix. A good start!

2. Work the radios!

Mobile data also consume more battery.But if you need it all the time, so it makes no sense to turn it off unless it is an emergency.If you still want to optimize battery while mobile data is turned on then, all you have to do is optimizing your usage of networks.

It’s pretty simple. By default, your phone will be  setup to a 3G or LTE network.if your usage is only e-mail sync and some Facebook Messenger/Viber here and there then switch to 2G GSM network which will work great if you want to optimize battery.All you need is a tiny widget on your homescreen to quickly switch “2G/3G/LTE network.

3. Smart stay

Smart stay is battery consuming feature that allows your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to detect your eyes when you are looking at your display. If you are looking then screen will never timeout and go to sleep as long as your eyes are on display.

Turn off smart stay if you are not using because its battery consuming.

4. Screen timeout

Don’t set too long timeout for the display. This won’t save you battery all the time.

Best option to save battery is to move down to like 30 seconds or less.

5. Always On Display

Turn On “Always ON Display”

As for notifications,Always On Display actually useful.

6. Turn off the LED indicator

The LED indicator is located on the top left of your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and used by the phone to alert you unread notification.

Turning off this LED Lamp can save you battery.

7. Keep screen turned off in the dark

Keep screen turned off is a feature on Samsung devices which recognize when mobile is inside a pocket or a bag and shouldn’t be turning on in the event of an accidental button press in the pocket or bag.

This will not only save you from butt-dialing people, but also help your battery life.

8. Rid yourself of those silly gestures

Turn off all gestures which you are not using.

Turning off all will be best to save you battery.

9. Go dark!

Due to Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, the color white consume more battery.

Use black theme or black wallpaper can save you battery.

It really is as simple as that!

10. Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always on, even when they’re not

If your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are off, they’re not. This is because of a service used to improve the accuracy of location which is enabled on your phone by default and consume your battery.

Turn off wifi and bluetooth.

Set gps only on Location Accuracy without using wifi and bluetooth to save your battery.

11. Nearby device scanning

Nearby device scanning also drain you battery. It automatically scan for nearby devices at all times which consume battery.

Go to Settings > More connection settings > Nearby device scanning.

Turn off nearby device scanning.

12. App power saving

Another feature on your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is App power saving which help your battery long timing.

Go to Settings > Battery > App power saving (tap on DETAIL).From there select all apps to save power except SMS app because sms notification is important for me all the time.

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