Our beautiful and clear skin reflects our overall beauty. In fact beauty wholly depends upon beautiful and healthy skin. So to have a healthy skin we must need to have a healthy body.

This is the dream of every person specially women, to have a beautiful, clear, healthy and younger looking skin.
To attain this dream, many of us try to use ant-aging creams and cosmetics, and most of the time we focus on costly products launched by some famous brands or companies, all these are for timely glow and beauty, but this is our foremost duty to think about what actually needs our body? Either it needs costly products or our sincere care?
To protect our skin from damage, pimples, acnes and black heads, we should consider that what is not good for skin or in other words what is harmful for it which damaging it. Here we have some reasons behind bad looking skin.

healthy skin

1) Lack of Hydration

healthy skin
Water is very necessary for our skin. As we drink water to get hydration for our body, just like that our skin also needs hydration. This is the best and natural food for our skin and we need food for our body. Drink water, a lot of water!! Just to make your skin beautiful and healthy. Less use of water can damage our skin.

2) Smoking habits
smoking cause non healthy skin
This is our fictional believe that smoking can reduce our stress, this is not the reality.

In fact this is really very dangerous for health as well as for skin.
The inhale of cigarette smoke, affects badly our liver and white cells in the blood, so overall this affects the health of body and skin as well.

So we abruptly should say “NO” to smoking.

3)Damage through Sun

healthy skin

The UV rays of sun are very harmful for our skin. It seems very good and enjoyable when we spend several hours in sun light, but afterwards when we see mirror our skin and face falls and looks dull, extra sun light is not good our pores of the skin, they starting fall and leads to a damage.
So the people who have to work or go in the sun light for some important purposes or for their work, must use sun protection products.

4) Lack of Exercise

excercise for healthy skin
When we didn’t move, our blood did not circulate in our whole body and did not approach every cell of the body even the skin cells. So in this way the luster of skin reduced and skin didn’t looks healthy and beautiful,

The other harm of skipping exercise from our routine is that we gain weight and we miss the tightness of our body, our fats loose as well as our skin.

5) Bad eating Habits

bad food non healthy skin
It is just like, “Tit For Tat”. Our skin is the result of our eating habits. It is the famous saying that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” so our selection of foods should be healthy including grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and water.

We should say good-bye to junk food and we should include fresh and healthy foods in our edibles.

Now there are some tips that how we can make our skin healthy and beautiful

Suggestion 1: Minimize your makeup habit

It is not important to always using blush on, concealer, eye shadows, and different layers of whitening bases. These all accessories gives our skin, shine and beauty and a clear skin, but temporarily. The consequences could be reversed, it can low the natural shine of our skin. We should consider only one thing, that either the natural shine of skin we have or not? The basic necessary is to have natural shine not the temporary one.

The all brands and companies are introducing costly products, please keep them away from your table, we didn’t say you to through them outside, but keep them for some special times, and be confidenet with your natural skin. Because no doubt the best makeup you can wear is the “confidence”.

Suggestion 2: skin cleansing

All the skin beauty researchers and skin care treatment experts suggest that we should make our skin completely clean after the makeups of parties.
The layer of makeup makes our pores clogged, so there is a need to make them free from all the germs and particles of chemical.

So if we sleep containing a lot of makeup on our skin, the next morning we will wake up with a huge embarrassment of having pimples.

Suggestion 3: Proper food, results healthy skin

Again we are on the point “we are what we eat” so we should plan our eating habit in a very healthy manner including healthy foods and skipping junk foods.
For younger looking skin, we should add following diet plan in our daily routine:

1. Vitamin C rich food

We should take veggies and fruits enriched with vitamin C. these types of foods leads healthy and glowing skin. Lake of vitamin C can cause the wrinkles in early age.

The foods enriches with vitamin C in your diet will cause your skin to be younger, and all the fine lines around eyes and lips. So use citrus fruits like orange, broccoli, strawberries and red grapes to tone up your healthy skin.

2. Vitamin A

We really want a smooth complexion?

If it is so, there is no need to move in search of a bundle of bucks, all we need to do is to open our refrigerator and make use of leafy veggies and red oranges. It is really very necessary for the cell formation of skin. In this ways the surface of our skin remains smooth and touchable.
Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and potatoes all these vegetables are healthy and useful for a healthy skin.

3. Including healthy fats

This is a great misconception that nuts are fatty and not good for health. Rather they are good fats which are necessary for our body and skin. Nuts are full of healthy Omega 3 acids. This comes under the category of healthy fats. .

We must have a quality amount of walnuts, and almonds daily for a clear complexion and skin.
If we are vegetarian we can include Salmon fish in our diet, this is also highly enriched with Omega 3.
Besides this we should also aware of the oil in which we are cooking our food, skip all the unhealthy oil from your routine and move towards the extra virgin olive oil, this is enriched with mono-unsaturated fat which can cause the glow of your skin.

4. zinc and Iron

Lean meat, oyster and eggs are highly enriches with Iron and Zinc, that can give your skin a celebrity like glow, and highly needed by our body and healthy skin.
Zinc can repair the dead cells of our body and gives to skin a fresh look. To carry oxygen to all cells of the body, Iron is needed so much for our skin cells and healthy skin.

5. Fiber

It we are facing Acnes, so it’s time to think about Fiber enriched foods to include in our daily routine.

If we are facing digestion problems, as digestion problem is also a great cause of bad skin, so to avoid this we should include fiber enriched food in our diet like whole grain bread, bananas, apples brown rice, and oatmeal.

6. Intake of water

Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations, but if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation in about 8 eight-ounce a day. To be healthy and fit, the intake of water is very necessary; it is good for allover body and skin as well. Institute of health and recommendation also suggest almost 1.9 liter intake water daily.

This is not an only estimate for everyone, we all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement in other words, as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit. The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.

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