Makeup is just like an art, see in this makeup tutorial, how to apply makeup beautifully on your skin, you have to learn correct methods and processes. Every art required attention to look beautiful and well handled so is the case with makeup.

In today’s era, there is a huge competition of makeup products, but they are of secondary importance, the primary importance gained by the best ways to apply it, we should know first that how perfectly we can deal with makeup. We can’t apply lipstick before foundation, eyeliner before eye shadow, foundation before concealer, like everything there are the right steps to apply makeup which you will read in this article.

How to apply makeup perfectly

It seems that, in the market every day, there is a new product, if you are crazy to try every product to look more perfect, you should also know the right method to handle it. In social media you see many models and actresses and you impressed by their looks and trendy makeup’s, you are also spending a lot of money to look like them, but still you didn’t get your destination to look perfect? Here is the solution of your all confusions regarding makeup.

Step 1: Moisturize your skin

how to apply makeup

You should select your moisturizer very carefully noticing that it has already SPF in it so that after moisturizing your skin, you have no need to use sun protection. Before moisturizing your skin, a separate eye cream is also worthwhile to protect the eye circle area because it is so much sensitive. Now after all these recommendation, apply moisturizer on your skin gently and put it on your skin in a right manner.
Don’t put you dirty finger in moisturizer to apply it on your skin, you must consider all the hygiene. Take a soft cotton and dip its one corner in moisturizer and then gently apply it on your skin for 30 seconds, then rinse it off gently.

Step 2: use a primer

how to apply makeup

A primer obviously leads to a makeup success. It creates a beautiful canvas for your foundation, afterwards even if you don’t use foundation, it soften the looks of your skin.
Take a required amount of primer, then gently massage it on your skin, cover your entire face with it and then bring it down towards your neck. While doing makeup you should focus on your skin tone of your face and neck, don’t ignore your neck, and keep applying products on neck as well to match it with skin of your face.

Step 3: Apply Foundation

how to apply makeup

If you want a light look, use tinted moisturizer instead of having high coverage foundation.
Every woman should have to foundations with her, one for light look to use usually for everyday, one for heavier looks for special photos capturing events.
The exact method to apply foundation is not to pus drops, till last drop, the first ones are dry. So the best solution is that take some foundation on your hand so that it warmed a little bit, then apply it with your fingers gently to all on your face and neck, keep focusing on jaw line, neck bones and nose.

Step 4: Apply Concealer

how to apply makeup

Concealer covers broken capillaries, dark circles and blemishes. Some women use concealer before foundation, some just goes through the foundation and don’t bother to use concealer; it depends on everyone’s skin tone and requirement. Never use concealer to whole of the eye area covered with it, just focus on the need, less is always good.

Get two shades of concealer, mix them both on back of your hand, and then apply first of all on chin to check the shade and then adjust the shade according to requirement. Now apply this mixture on the required area and blend it until it clears and match with your skin.

Step 5: Apply Face Powder

how to apply makeup

The function of face powder is basically to adjust your foundation and protects your skin to prevent it from getting too oily or shiny. It makes your skin soother and removes any little imperfections.
Experts suggest preferring a puff over brush to apply powder on skin. If you want to use some cream blush or highlighter, use them before applying powder, otherwise your blush or highlighter would be pilling up.

Step 6: Apply Eye Shadow

how to apply makeup

Before apply eye shadows, first apply an eye shadow primer. Remember one thing, dark eye shadows are perfect for corners of eyes, and light eye shadows are best for eye lids and eye brows bones. On eye shadow prime, creamy eye shadow is perfect for long lasting result over powdered eye shadow.
The method of applying is first of all blend eye shadow cream gently with your finger tip, and then apply eye shadow powder, prefer a brush over a sponge. Brush blends eye shadow more neatly. Start putting the color in the mid of the led, and then spread it with brush to the right then to left.
Experts suggests that, Before putting your actual color, spread a light color that matches your skin color to make the lid clean looking and clear.

Step 7: Apply Eye Liner

how to apply makeup

Eye liner gives a finishing look to your eyes, so the best method should be there to apply. Don’t give your eyes cat-eye looks or high graphic looks every day. Keep these looks save for some special events, normally casual eye liner looks good with light makeup, heavy liners seems awkward in casual look.
Well, the best method to apply liner is, starts from the edges og your lash, don’t start form center or corner, make a beautiful edge then go further though all your eye, it should be thick at edges and thin at mid and inner corner.
Inside your eye, don’t use liquid liner, it can cause an infection. You can use a pencil instead.

Step 8: Apply Mascara

First of all curl your lashes to gives them a finishing look, then apply mascara in three stages, first apply on the mid, then sides, and then on the baby lashes which are mostly unseen, experts says that these baby lashes on sides of your lid, are of great importance and applying mascara on the can give your eyes a charming look.

The method to apply mascara is, apply mascara in for one or two coats. Start from the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand a bit as you pull it up and out through the lashes. Use a light circular motion on baby lashes. Then, wipe off the wand and barely touch the bottom lashes.

Step 9: Apply Blush on

Blush makes your complexion radiant and alive. It’s not so difficult to apply on, put the color easily, more color is more beautiful. But once it is on the skin, it’s difficult to remove it back.
Don’t follow the counter suggestion on instagram or any other social media, just apply a color on your apple cheek, it’s like a flush! Apply only powder blush on your cheeks. If you want more color use a cream blush properly with your cheek bones and a highlighter.

Step 10: Apply Lipstick

Lip color expresses yourself more beautiful, a good color can change your overall look, apply different colors of lipsticks whatever you want, nudes, plums, red, lighters, darker! Life is too short; enjoy the beautiful color with your adventurous personality.
The best methods to apply lipstick on your lips is, first of all line up your lips, then fills them with lipstick, it all depends upon your choice. A standard lipstick style required you to put lipstick color in the middle of lower lip, then roll it with both of your lips to spread it naturally, then come back and add a bit more to your outer edges. For a beautiful shiny look, add some lip gloss or a petroleum jelly on the color.

Now pucker up; butter cup! Now you are ready to face the day with all shinny confidence.

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