How to apply makeup for teens | makeup tutorial

Here are some tips you can use regarding makeup for teenagers. so how to apply makeup for teens is not very difficult.This makeup tutorial will help you to look more beautiful.The most important part of the following information is to always apply it to you. Always select makeup according to your skin tone and what type of makeup works for you.

Here are 10 great tips for you to follow and start learning on your own.

1. Clean your skin:

how to apply makeup

Clean your skin using a cream or gel that doesn’t generate too much oil in it to eliminate impurities on the skin and prepare it to apply the makeup. After you are done applying the cream or gel you must help it dry with a clean towel.Before starting this makeup tutorial cleaning skin is very important.

2. Apply humectant products:

Use ahumectant cream using your index finger without pressing too hard on the skin,choose one that has vitamins B and E. Use it the following way: Put a Little bit on your index finger place it as a dot in the forehead use up to two dots, one dot under each eye, one on the nose, one on each of your cheeks and finally, one on the chin. Without forgetting about the neck placing up to three dots, on each side of the neck and apply it on an ascendant and circular way.

3. Make sure you are using the right color of makeup:

You need to keep in mind that you need to use makeup that adjusts itself to your skin tone, not all make up colors are going to be beneficial to you, if your skin tone is very light then try to use makeup with a color that is going to help bring contrast and joy to your face. On the other hand, if you have a darker skin tone, try to avoid loud colors and stay with colors that will help to bring more attention to your eyes.choosing right color is main part of makeup tutorial.

4. Correct imperfections:

The way to use this product is very simple, you want to place a little bit on the tip on your finger and gently apply it on the eye bags, shadows that you may have on the chin and to cover stains on your skin or even pimples if you have any.
Use it when you need to correct something on the skin.

5. Put the base on

For this one the ideal way is you to use a brush or a sponge to apply the base. Remember that you must always use makeup in a moderate way. Do not exaggerate when using the base, which is the main mistake girl do. It’s recommended to place a drop of base on the tip of the finger, not a lot… And take it from there.

6. Not too bright

Make sure you followed all the previous steps and also make sure to have transparent powder and a powder brush to apply it on, and put it all over your face, especially on your nose and your forehead to reduce the brightness during the day.

7. Blush

To use a blushyou first need to pick one according to your skin tone and simply put it on your cheeks with a round brush and using ascendant movements.

8. Eye makeup

With the eyeliner, trace just a small line under the eyelashes or if you prefer it at the edge of the eyes.Brown color is good but black helps bring more attention to your eyes. You can always use it to highlight your eyes, purple for example, looks really good on brown eyes. Ifyou really want to make your eyes highlight use more eyeliner on your upper eyelid.

9. Mascara

Use the eye makeup on your upper eyelashes using meandering movements to get rid of any lumps you can find along the way. You can place a small amount on your lower eyelids but be aware of the amount, don’t use too much of it.

10. Lips

Use a cape of lipstick that adapts itself to the color of your skin for it to generate contrast or highlight your lips with the rest of the makeup used.

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