Earlier this month  a security vulnerability was found in Adobe Flash which compelled Google and Mozilla to temporarily block the plug-in from their browsers and created problem for users. Facebook says this holes of Flash could hurt its business.

On Friday, Facebook said security issues of Flash could harm the revenue which he get from Payments service because social games on Facebook depends on Flash, and it is the source for all the revenue it gets from Payments.

The company listed this issue for the first time among the “risk factors”. Companies of the U.S. are required to disclose such risks to which are creating problem. Facebook felt the need to disclose this flash holes which hold down revenue coming from social games.

“In July 2015”, certain security holes discovered in Flash made temporary interruption of support for Flash used by popular web browsers like chrome,mozila,opera.The company wrote about this issue with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. If same interruptions occur in the future and stops us to provide social games to some or all of our users, our stops to generate Payments revenue.


Many People Spoken for facebook and Adobe declined to comment about flash vulnerability



Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, tweets on Twitter that Adobe should announce to solve this security hole of flash. This took a lot of attention and it was re-tweeted more than 2,400 times on tweeter.

Facebook hasn’t ended support for Flash for one reason that, the large number of developers still creating games with it, said Jerome Segura, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes Labs, a division of the Internet security vendor.

He said there are many people in the gaming world who are still very attached to Flash after knowing this security hole of flash.

Flash is still widely used in many Web browsers.Sites are increasingly supporting alternatives  like JavaScript and HTML 5 which can also replace flash.Facebook also supports HTML and Unity but still depends on flash.

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