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Effects of the bluelight of the mobile phone on the optic cells eye


Effects of the bluelight of the mobile phone on the optic cells eye

As we all know it is a digital era and we are surrounded by number of electronic devices whether it a smart phone, laptop or a tab. It is true that they are very useful for us and we need them for performing our day-to-day work but as we, all know everything has two phases and these electronic devices are boon as well as bane. All these electronic devices especially smart phones are very harmful for our eyes, brain and body. They produce artificial bluelight, which badly affect our eyes. It is a proven fact by Korean scientists that these bluelight are indeed very harmful.

The question arises: What is a bluelight?

Sunlight is formed by different colors, which are red, violet, orange, blue etc. These colors form a white light and each color has different energy and wavelength. The blue color or ray has the smallest wavelength and it produces highest wavelengths. Light that looks white and that can have a large blue component is a bluelight. In simple words, we can say that the bluelight is the light, which we see in our smart phones at night around 10:30 pm, which is warm and not complete white or blue.
The bluelight is of two types, one is natural bluelight, which we get from sunlight, it is very useful and important for us, the other is the artificial bluelight, which we get from these smart phones, and it badly affects our eyes in numerous ways.

From where you are exposed to bluelight?

The widest exposure anyone can get from bluelight is the sun through sunlight, which is perfectly pure form of light. When the shortest wavelength collide with the air particles they scatter the bluelight everywhere. This is the only reason that sky seems blue. The other sources, the artificial sources are: CFL, fluorescent light LED, LED Televisions, tabs, computer, smart phones, laptops etc. the blue light, which we get from these smart phones, are very alarming and harmful for our eyes, body and mind.

Why we need bluelight?

In our day-to-day life, the requirement of blue light is necessary. The natural form of blue light is utilized for boosting our body alertness, elevating our moods and helps the memory and cognitive function.
Blue light is also important for regulating circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the rhythm of our body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. The amount of blue light taken in daylight helps to make this circadian rhythm better but during the night hours, the blue light that we get from smart phones, tabs, LED, Televisions, computers etc are harmful for our natural sleep cycle, which causes day tiredness and sleeping problems.

For making, our body to have more alertness and people who do not have required amount of sleep are prescribed to have the same theory. Studies have also proved that children who do not have enough exposure to sunlight have week eye vision and they lack in development of the eyes as compared to those who are exposed to enough sunlight.

How does bluelight of Smart Phones affect our human eye?

The blue light of Smart phones has short lengthen rays, which are produced by Smart phones, tabs, laptops and televisions. The smaller the wavelength the more energy it produces. so, these rays are very harmful for our eyes. These short lengthen rays damage our cells in the retina, the light-sensitive layer of tissue inside our eyes. These short rays slowly kill retina cells by producing reactive oxygen species (ROS). It is a fact proved by the Korean Scientists that these short lengthened rays kills the retina cells double as compared to those cells, which are kept in dark!

Moreover, mostly all the blue light on the earth are recognized and passes through the lens and cornea. The excess exposure to blue light affects our eye vision and that could lead in pre mature age in eyes. Not to forget that, people are more exposed to artificial blue light by being glued to their smart phones, televisions, tabs, computers etc. There is no doubt that the artificial exposure of blue light is getting more and more these days and this makes scientist more worried. This excess artificial exposure of blue light have potential to damage our photoreceptors in retina, light sensitive parts of eyes which slowly leads our eyes to blindness!

The blue light emitting from smart phones, televisions, tabs, computers, etc can also decrease contract relating to digital eyestrain. Fatigue, dry eyes, bad lighting, causes eyestrain. Sore or irritated eyes and difficulty focusing are the symptoms of eyestrain.

Does BlueLight affect other parts of the body?

Yes, blue rays affect our body parts too. Not just the eyes, but this light causes other problems too. Blue light affects heart rate, alertness, sleep propensity, body temperature, and also the gene expressions.

Harmful visible blue light

1) Human eye cannot block much of Artificial blue light: Our human eye is very effective in blocking natural blue rays which we get from sunlight . 99 percent of these rays gets blocked by reaching our light sensitive back part of the eyes . However, a spectacle ensures 100% protection from the natural blue rays and protects us from cataracts, snow blindness, a pinquecula, pterygium and cancer. Rolling the ball to the other side the artificial blue light emitted from the electronic gadgets easily enters back light- sensitive parts of eyes and damages retina cells.

2) More blue light increases macular degeneration : macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness or vision loss. The excess exposure of blue light whether natural or artificial penetrates at the back of the retina which makes causes macular degeneration and even permanent vision loss.

3) Digital eye strain: Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort which one feels while sitting in front of a electronic device whether it is computer, laptop or television. Blue light is of short wave-length and contains huge amount of energy, which scatters more than any other color light. The point is that because of scattering of the rays at great speed, the light is not that much focused which results in reduction in contracts and digital eye strain.

4) Needs to be more careful if you are suffering from cataract: The human eye have nearly 100 percent protection against the ultra violet rays. As we grow old, the eye lens naturally starts blocking artificial blue rays upto some extent, which is nearly very less and if a person has cataracts then he or she should be more careful from this artificial blue light. A person suffering from this disease should spent least amount of time in front of electronic gadgets and he or she should opt for a surgery. A glass with blue light filter may be beneficial to him or her.

What can you do to protect your Eyes from BlueLight?

There are many evil effects of blue ray on our eyes ,but opposite to that we have many ways to decrease those effects on our eyes. Harmful effects of the blue ray can be decreased by the following ways:

1.Special glasses: special glasses, also known as computer glasses which has yellow tinted lenses that block blue ray which result in ease computer digital eye strain by increasing contrast.

2.Anti-reflective lenses: these lenses are a great option to reduce the contrast and glare which could harm our eyes in many ways. It also help in blocking the blue light ray from sun and digital devices.

3.screen filters: these are easily available options which could help in reducing the harmful effects of blue ray on our eyes. They create an additional protective layer on the screen of your device whether it is a smart phone, Personal computer or Laptop. This layer helps in reduction of the blue ray light coming out of the screen of the device.

4.Usage time: best way to save our eyes from the blue ray is to reduce the usage time of the devices which produces it, But if it is not possible then we should take small breaks on regular interval.

5. Change in habits: maximum people among us are always checking their mobile phones on a very frequent basis, which is actually not a good habit. Through this habit we are making a direct contact with the blue ray on frequently which could cause harmful effects on our retina. So to avoid such harmless to our eyes we should change our habit of checking our phones in every 5 to 10 minutes. Through is we can reduce the effects of blue ray on eyes in an efficient manner.

To put sea into the cup we can say that blue rays are very harmful but we can protect our self by taking care of necessarily steps. As avoiding such a harmful substance is a stupidity.

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