Mobile phone addiction and overuse


This has become a serious concern today and has to be tackled before it becomes a tough habit to break. According to a study, Criteria for drug abuse disorders be used effectively to identify mobile phone addictions, Hence can be defined as a psychological dependence on mobile by which user manifest clearly symptoms of drug addiction. Although invention of mobile phones has made this world a virtual emojis have replaced emotions and apps are the new friends. Let the phone off, May be your actual friends are still alive.We are not able to focus other important areas of our life. Completely cut off from real life, limiting our interactions with people and other real life experiences.

Addiction creating bad affects

Addiction creating bad affects

We see the world through their phones and interact less. This prevents us from making our lives a little better or indulging in other activities that might actually be fun and refreshing.Phone use, right before falling asleep has increased drastically, is not good. Since this habit can affect sleep patterns? In most of the cases, the first and the last thing that people will do as soon as they wake up and right before they fall asleep is use their mobile phones. Some of the people are not aware that they are addicted to their smartphones, either because they do not pay attention to the warning signs or because they are not aware of such signs at all.there should be a certain amount of awareness provided to such people so that they can counter such a habit. People need to realize that being addicted to them is not a good thing, and can lead to a person being unproductive and suffer from a lot of health related issues.

It affects your brain

It affects your brain

I’m not a biologist but it’s a proven fact that a neurotransmitter in your brain dopamine is the cause of your mobile phone addiction. Dopamine is basically a feel good chemical,simply ‘saying no’ will not work here.Trying to help ourselves recover our balance by learning to look up from our phones, shut out the distractions and appreciate Life Offline and the rewards that come with it. When we acquire the habit of tuning out our phones, at least for a few sessions a day, we can weaken our dependence on those mentioned dopamine hits. our lives have become so much dependent on a six inch screen that we refuse to take our eyes when that “ting” screams, we barley resist. It just doesn’t seem normal to do anything else anymore,beside look at your fine morning one of my classmate brought a book to the canteen, She got there, sat down beside and she was so embarrassed that she couldn’t help but keep peaking in my phone. It’s Just the way that the world has progressed.

Phones are amazing but destroying as well

Phones are amazing but destroying as well

Phones are amazing these days, we can watch youtube, listen to music, play books, text your friends, call someone or get a pizza at your finger tips. When we buy a phone, we don’t just buy a phone, we buy a life style. I’m sure you understand what i mean.the mobile phone essentially it tells us how ‘cool’ we are. Yes, Technology is good in moderation, but often times we find ourselves using in excess, our brain seeks immediate results or happiness with respect to long term gain for some work done, Also conscious ease is one of the major entities at this point.

Distracting people from real relations

Distracting people from real relations

One of my friends shared his experience, He was visiting some of his relatives a few days ago.When he reached there home, they greeted them well they went in the home and were asked to sit.According to him everything was looking cool, and everyone was talking to each other. Suddenly the environment of the room changed.The change was so drastic that no one was talking to each other.There was pin drop silence in the room. He could only hear the dogs barking in the lane.What was that? What actually happened? There were no heated arguments between anybody, and what happened! The mobile phones happened. Yes the reason for the miserable environment in the room was mobile phone in hands of each person in the room. After when they were done chit chattting for few minutes, the first thing they did was pull out their mobile phones out of their pocket. Recently one of the richest man in taiwan slipped and tumbled while looking at his mobile phone on as escalator,He died of multiple injuries, I mean is that little slate of amusement really worth your life! More and more teens are becoming addicted to smart phones at the expense of real relationships and success in other areas of their lives. Many parents are consult doctors how to deal with teens and cell phone addictions. I believe that every teen must be taught to use technology responsibly and avoid developing addictions to technology. Too often today’s teens use technology and the internet to avoid dealing with life’s problems. A simple definition of addiction is something that interferes with you living your life

Mobile phone or cigarette? Both are dangerous

Mobile phone or cigarette? Both are dangerous

The Mobile Phone addiction of this generation is much more serious than the past obsession with cigarettes, the issue of mobile phone addiction is palled to cigarettes in a sense that they’re both harm full to your health. One by radiation and impact on sleep quantity. However the mobile phone ban on this generation is much more serious because there isn’t any age ban.The majority of children these days have mobile phones before they even reach the age of 11, as children being exposed to the technology at an extremely young age, making the situation more difficult to handle if they become addicted to their mobiles. It would be harder for them to control themselves. Parents have to be blamed her childhood his crucial stage, children learn what ever they see; they see their parents using their phone. Since cigarettes have age bans and restriction policies.

Mobile phone addiction affecting health

Mobile phone addiction affecting health

We walk into the room and we see room full of crickets. NO,The room isn’t empty; as a matter of fact it’s full. People staring down into their glowing screens, dark circles under their eyes, engaged in fantasy, because reality quite dull. Fingers flying furiously across the screen, yearning for communication inside a box. The power of connection, with one touch, I can instantly transform my thoughts to digital. The signal bounces off some tower like a table tennis ball and lands
into another person’s box. That person will cherish the well-thought out idea forever. Without the six inch slate, you would be lonely, because the people around you are also in a box, busy with their own box, there’s no time for people without the box. These mobile phones are wired to our brains and without them we would begin to malfunction and eventually break down to binary bits. In this fast paced technologically advanced society people often miss what’s right in front of them.

Digital world diminishing real relations 

Digital world diminishing real relations

Society really has become so mobile phone dependent that people begin to miss what real world communication is to actually talk to them. If you are sitting at a traffic light that is green and you see that familiar glow in the car in front of you, the driver of that car obviously isn’t paying attention.Beware it’s that of an addiction concerned about friends or family, remember that help is available for them. There are a number of different Smartphone addiction treatment options which can help them begin the road to recovery.The fear of being without a mobile phone, if they exhibits few of these symptoms appears anxious when phone battery is low, Panics if cell phone is misplaced or service is unavailable,Spends more time connecting online than connecting with people in real life, Sleeps with the Smartphone on or under the pillow, Uses the phone in dangerous situations, having their mobile phones on the table during meals, Believes the cell phone to have rung or vibrated when it hasn’t, Tolerance, Withdrawal,Failed attempts to cut back on smartphone use etcetera.

We can easily conclude our smartphone addiction with sheer will power,First of all list the things that really matter to you, the things which you are going to help you make a career that can be programming ,sport or any other activities.Then decide from now what you need to do. You can even switch off your phone or misplace the battery to shrug off incentive using it.Do meditation and exercise every morning for about 30 minutes. It will help you cultivate discipline in yourself.Turn your phones off while going to bed, this should be pretty obvious, but it’s still not practiced by most people. Switch off the phone before going to sleep. It’s as simple as that. Time won’t freeze over if your phone stays switched off for a few hours, and that’ll help you sleep better as well.

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How to speed up your android phone


How to speed up android phone

Are you experiencing slow speed of  your device? Here I provide fast track solution for you.

It’s the one and the only best accelerator, DU SPEED BOOSTER. The application enabled to merge all android devices, support handsets and other affiliate systems.

The home page has these tools:

i. Accelerator
ii. Trash cleaner
iii. App Manager
iv. Speed Test
v. Security (Antivirus)

Trash cleaner, App Manager, Antivirus, and the Accelerator, are the main application tools powered to regulate android device operating system. Without them, then nothing significant would be expected. They are enabled to clear any staggering files thereby leaving your phone in a conducive environment to run smoothly. For that matter, I therefore move forward to discuss how is this possible and the procedure followed to optimize the handset navigation speed. Consider the discussion as enumerated below.

1. Accelerator

Is a super integrated activity tool. Comes numberone to mitigate against speed limitation for your android smartphone. It makes use of speed engine to accelerate running apps in the device background. An advantage to the whole system. As it works to release hidden memory preventing your phone suffering delayed sensor response.

How does it accelerate the operating system activity:


I. Open DU SPEED BOOSTER in your home screen and tap the Accelerator tool to display rest of the features.
II. Press the ‘accelerate’ button noting which apps are you accelerating. All of them shall be displayed on the screen.
III. The entire phone operating system will now be accelerated. To complete, press the ‘Finish’ button.

2. Trash Cleaner:

Trash cleaner ensure all system trash and residual files are cleared from the system. When present, they slow down the navigation of the device on the internet , similarly, internal system data processing for offline management. All the cache residual trashis removed releasingmemory. The released memory supports the device against indispensable data backup that would slow down your smartphone. You can now swiftly browse at no strain.

Conversely, an immense feature of isolating and deleting mega files is available. These are the files that occupy massive storage space in the memory. They can easily impair online activity due to a big back weight in the memory. You’ll therefore realise, surfing the internet become problematic. Because, the load in your smartphone limit the device online functionality. Hence you need to undertake memory cleansing using advanced cleaner feature provided in the trash cleaner tool. The only way to redeem your phone internet search speed.
Select files of less interest and clean. System trash at a times would hide here. You need to be careful to clear them away, or else become a burden.

How is it done?


I. Open the DU SPEED BOOSTER in the home screen and tap the trash cleaner tool. Memory to be cleaned will display.
II. Press ‘clean’ button at the bottom of the screen. All files run through the system sieving out residual trash.
III. Press ‘Finish’ button to complete. You can now download and open multiple pages on the internetwithoutstrain.

3. App Manager

Is the most superior tool in management of applications. Characterised by machinery features to uninstall or change memory storage for import applications. Only downloaded applications will be free to move but not system apps. Any effort to move, disable, or uninstall system apps, hamper the whole device operating system. Most apps now begin to misbehave creating difficulty to the operator. That’s why no attempt to uninstall system apps should be allowed.
With this tool, you’ll only access to disable and uninstall downloaded applications and not pre installed apps. A guided function to avoid distortion of your smartphone operations.

How is it done:


I. Move Applications to SD CARD:
– Open the app manager in DU SPEED BOOSTER home screen.
– Tap ‘Move to SD CARD’ feature.
– Select specific applications to be moved, as all apps will be displayed.
– Press ‘Move to SD CARD’ button. Wait for a moment to receive a confirmation, ‘App moved to SD CARD’, displayed.

II. Uninstall
– Repeat step (i) above.
– Tap ‘Uninstall ‘ feature to display all apps on the screen. You’ll be warned against uninstalling of system apps. Since they will cause other applications to misbehave.
– Select downloaded apps you intend to uninstall. These are the applications of little importance in your androidsmartphone.
– Press ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall the selected apps. You’ll only be directed to uninstall one app at a time, and not multiple apps. What follows is for you to confirm uninstall instruction.

4. Speed Test:

Though ‘Speed Test’ tool is least implicated to playa role in this system, it adds up to the complementary functionality of the above mentioned tools. Just like the others, it aims at device navigation speed modification. It first tests device running speed. An avenue to establish the background of boosting the phone operating system frequency. It’ll relay the signal to boost the device on screen, ‘slow’ at the top screen, and ‘Restart’ at the right lower corner of the screen.Calling action to be taken by use of other tools to accelerate frequency of the device.

How is done:

Speed Test Procedure:

I. Open ‘Speed Test’ tool in DU SPEED BOOSTER home screen.
II. Press ‘start’ button to initiate the process. You’ll be told, a small data amount will be consumed. Accept by pressing ‘Continue’ to roll it down.
III. The process will be complete and the speed of your device shall be registered. If slow, you’ll need to boost, if medium or high, you may decide to hold it on. That is it. Your device can now function normal.

5. Antivirus (Device Security):

If you intend to puncture your device operating system, then never bother about scanning for antivirus. We mostly believe antivirus are meant only for PCs and Desktop computers, but not Smartphones. This is a killer disease. It’s an enlightenment to be informed, smartphones just like other electronic devices are prone to viruses. The avenue for breakdown of the whole system. Care should be taken.
With DU SPEED BOOSTER Antivirus scan, your device is assured of software security free of internal breakages due to viruses. What you only need to do, is toremember periodical scan.

Antivirus Scan Procedure:

I. Open ‘Security tool’ in the app home screen to display the ‘Antivirus’ button.
II. Press the button to disclose antivirus engine scan page.
III. Press ‘Quick Scan’ button to begin the scan. Phone memory will be scanned first, later on, you’ll be asked to scan the SD CARD.
IV. Tap ‘Finish’ to complete. You can now safely store files and open without any interference. No limitations.




As you have visualise, DU SPEED BOOSTER application is a one way easiest to optimise your Android system smartphone. A reliable means to repair your device software. No other application will perform like it does. The only similarity is, they will have the antivirus scan and app manager, but again complicated to implement its use. No learner education is required for you to manage your phone usingDU SPEED BOOSTER.The only feature mandatoryis, to follow simply guided instructions. That’s all. No more is required from you.
An Easy More Integrated Way To Protect And Optimise Your Android Operating System SmartphoneSpeed.

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How to break into your locked Android device


The passwords in mobile devices generally meant for private security purposes. These passwords may include patterns, numerical codes (PIN), password of characters or finger print password usually for newer devices. Using one of these allows one to keep their personal or confidential data safe from their friends or strangers. One more reason behind keeping passwords is to avoid illegitimate breach into your phone when the device is somehow stolen or misplaced. But sometimes it gets locked if someone doesn’t remember the password and it feels it’s not going to open ever, which is not the case. There are certain ways to tackle the problem and some of them are discussed here that would help you to recover your device safely without losing any of your saved files. Not all of them will work on all sorts of devices but you can always try one or more.

1. Using android device manager service

This method is most suitable approach for almost all the devices which have been purchased in recent times or the devices which are associated or technically (logged in) with your Google account. The service of Android device manager is accessible by any other android device through its app or by logging to the link:

The process involves the following easy steps:

i) As soon as you visit the link a prompt will pop out asking you the Googleaccount login credentials. Note that use the same login credentials as your locked android device was logged with, in case you have multiple Google accounts.

ii) After logging to your Gmail account, it will show you all the mobile devices which might be logged with the same ID. Note that it is possible that your browser might be facing problems in finding your device, refreshing the browser would help to fix the problem. Ideally your device should be found within five attempts if the device is compatible.

android locked device google account

iii) As soon as you select the locked device you will be directed to a prompt showing three buttons: Ring, Lock and Erase. Clicking onto the Lock button will prompt you to another popup asking you to put new password for the locked device. You will be asked to write it one more time for the sake of confirmation followed by a recovery message and a phone number. Although later two are optional but it would be better if you fill them and write them somewhere safe.

android locked device google account

iv) It would take a couple of minutes to change the password and you will then be able to unlock your device successfully.

2. Using Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

This feature is only valid for Samsung devices. So if you own a Samsung device this should be your first approach. Note that this method only works when you have your Samsung device registered with Samsung account and/or (not the Gmail account), otherwise it is of no use.

The process is as follows:

i) Go to the website ( It will ask you to enter your Samsung account details. As soon as you logged in, you will be able to see a (lock my screen) button on left hand side panel of the window.

Samsung Android Find My Mobile

ii) After clicking onto the button a window will popup allowing you to enter a new unlock PIN. In a minute or so you will be able to unlock the screen of your Samsung device with new unlock PIN as password.

3. Use the forgot pattern feature

This feature is available for the android devices running on Android 4.4 or lower android version. This method only works for pattern lock type, and not on any other type of lock.

i) When your device is locked first perform 5 failed attempts. Then you will see a message saying ‘Try again after 30 seconds’. At the bottom of this message there is a button that says ‘Forgot Pattern’.

android locked pattern

ii) After you click on the button (forgot pattern) it will ask you to type (Backup PIN) that you would have given at the time of setting up your lock pattern. After you type your backup pin correctly it will open your locked device.

android locked pattern

iii) In case you don’t remember the backup pin you can still unlock your device with your Google Gmail account. Signing in with the same login details as your device was logged will enable you to unlock the phone.

4. Through factory reset

The most important thing to keep in mind with this method is, even if you will be able to unlock your phone but your preserved data would be lost. This feature can be directly accessed but if your device is released after 2016 then it will ask your Google account details to exploit this method.

i) The process goes by switching your device completely off. And when the screen is totally black, press and hold volume down and power buttons simultaneously to open up Android’s bootloader menu.

locked android factory reset

ii) As the bootloader menu shows up, press the volume down twice to highlight the ‘Recovery mode’ option. Then press the power button to select it and you will enter into recovery mode.

locked android factory reset

iii) Use the volume down button as a direction key and highlight the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option. Press the power to select it. The device will take 20-30 minutes to reset, and you will see a fresh device.

5. Using ADB by deleting the password file

Note that this method is only useful when the device has enabled USB debugging in the Android device’s developer menu. Apart from this it requires that you have previously allowed your device to be connected to your computer via ADB. You would be fortunate to follow this method if and only if these two conditions had already met before your device being locked out.

i) First download the Android SDK through link ( .com/sdk/index.html#Other) and extract it.

ii) Then plug your device to your computer through USB.

iii) Then go to the ADB installation directory. Then open the command prompt and type the command (adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key) and press enter.

iv) Just after typing the command disconnect your device from the computer and restart the device. This will allow complete access of your device.

android locked ADB by deleting password file

v) Note that this access is temporary so you should first set a new password for your device before it reboots and restore the previous password.

6. Through booting into safe mode to bypass third party lock screen

This method is applicable for breaching the lock screen of the third party app rather than the default/stock lock screen.

i) This would be done by booting the device in the safe mode. To go into the safe mode first bring up the power menu, then press and hold onto the power off option. A popup saying ‘Reboot to safe mode’ will show up. Pressing ‘ok’ will make the third party app disabled temporarily.

ii) Now you can either clear the data on the third party lock screen app or uninstall it. Then reboot the device to get out of safe mode. After reboot the third party app would be completely disappeared.

7. Crash the lock screen UI

Android devices running on Android 5.0-5.1.1 version have this feature. Note that this method only works for (password locks) and not for (PIN or Pattern locks). It might be possible that this attempt is not a success for all the devices but it worth the try.

i) Click onto the ’Emergency Call’ button as visible at the bottom of the screen, which opens the phone dialer.

ii) Type ten asterisks on the dialer. Select these asterisks by double tapping on them. A menu box will show up with a ‘copy’ option. Copy these ten asterisks and paste them right after the previous string of ten asterisks. Keep doing the same until you no longer can, which will results in a long string of asterisk characters on your dialer.

iii) Get back to the lock screen once again and open the camera through the shortcut. From here you will be able to open the notification bar/center. Tap on the (settings) button which will make you to enter a password.

iv) Paste that long string of asterisk characters that you have made earlier. Keep pasting until you end up crashing your lock screen. Consequently it will then give you access to your device’s interface.

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How to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and edge


How to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and edge:

1. Tweak automatic brightness slider

Samsung devices allow users to set brightness even when under automatic mode.This feature is very good, as your phone still have adapting to your surroundings to auto change brightness.And as you should know, the display is consume battery more so it should be set to automatic mode but best if you set to 15-20% brightness without auto mode.

A simple, but efficient fix. A good start!

2. Work the radios!

Mobile data also consume more battery.But if you need it all the time, so it makes no sense to turn it off unless it is an emergency.If you still want to optimize battery while mobile data is turned on then, all you have to do is optimizing your usage of networks.

It’s pretty simple. By default, your phone will be  setup to a 3G or LTE network.if your usage is only e-mail sync and some Facebook Messenger/Viber here and there then switch to 2G GSM network which will work great if you want to optimize battery.All you need is a tiny widget on your homescreen to quickly switch “2G/3G/LTE network.

3. Smart stay

Smart stay is battery consuming feature that allows your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to detect your eyes when you are looking at your display. If you are looking then screen will never timeout and go to sleep as long as your eyes are on display.

Turn off smart stay if you are not using because its battery consuming.

4. Screen timeout

Don’t set too long timeout for the display. This won’t save you battery all the time.

Best option to save battery is to move down to like 30 seconds or less.

5. Always On Display

Turn On “Always ON Display”

As for notifications,Always On Display actually useful.

6. Turn off the LED indicator

The LED indicator is located on the top left of your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and used by the phone to alert you unread notification.

Turning off this LED Lamp can save you battery.

7. Keep screen turned off in the dark

Keep screen turned off is a feature on Samsung devices which recognize when mobile is inside a pocket or a bag and shouldn’t be turning on in the event of an accidental button press in the pocket or bag.

This will not only save you from butt-dialing people, but also help your battery life.

8. Rid yourself of those silly gestures

Turn off all gestures which you are not using.

Turning off all will be best to save you battery.

9. Go dark!

Due to Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, the color white consume more battery.

Use black theme or black wallpaper can save you battery.

It really is as simple as that!

10. Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always on, even when they’re not

If your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are off, they’re not. This is because of a service used to improve the accuracy of location which is enabled on your phone by default and consume your battery.

Turn off wifi and bluetooth.

Set gps only on Location Accuracy without using wifi and bluetooth to save your battery.

11. Nearby device scanning

Nearby device scanning also drain you battery. It automatically scan for nearby devices at all times which consume battery.

Go to Settings > More connection settings > Nearby device scanning.

Turn off nearby device scanning.

12. App power saving

Another feature on your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is App power saving which help your battery long timing.

Go to Settings > Battery > App power saving (tap on DETAIL).From there select all apps to save power except SMS app because sms notification is important for me all the time.

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Top 15 Best Selfie Apps For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

how to take best pictures

When Selfies started trending on social media like facebook,instagram etc, who would have thought they’d stay this long which was not as before. It is not just a thing gone viral anymore but it is something that has potentially changed around us the way brands reached out to their audience on social media,in mean of promotion,advertisement etc.if we talk about selfie-sticks,that are commonly used today.

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will be welcomed with a barrage of selfies these days on social media platform, so much is the craze and also now common thing. The selfie popularity has been increased well by using selfie app whether people have android, iphone or window phone. Their are some great apps that make selfie snapping an even more beautiful having more filters and features which make photo awesome. There are many good selfie apps on all the platforms and good thing about this selfie app, they have a great photo editing features, which means you can snap a selfie and get to edit it on the go.Here we will help you to find the perfect selfie app for your platform. So, Top 15 Selfie Apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone in 2017 are:

Top 5 Selfie Apps for Android

1. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

YouCam is Perfect Selfie app which is a great app for all who are selfie addicted. Along with selfie taking features, this app also comes with selfie editing tools to get you the perfect selfie you need at any time. There are number of interesting features in this app like beautifying effects, object remover, stylization, face reshaper and ability to beautify your full face including eye,lips,teeth etc.


Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up

Availability: (Free) Google Play Store

2. Bright Camera – Camera for Facebook

Bright Camera app is one of the popular apps that is used for selfie taking.This app lets you take great selfies in all lightning and also make it even to look more better, thanks to the great effects and frames. This application also help you to share your pictures instantly on all the social networks which is a unique feature as compared to other selfie application.

The feature list includes selfie timer, beautification, filters, tilt shift effects and more. This app also help you to add quotes and all, if that’s your thing. It is free on the Play Store and you should definitely check it out.

Developer: Amazing Studio

Compatibility: Varies with device

Availability: (Free with in-app purchases) Google Play Store

3. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the higher rated app on Google Play Store and it’s another great selfie app which is commonly used by selfie lovers.It not help you to take selfies but also allow to see real time effects.There are more than hundred filters included in this selfie application.

There are many editing features as well along with auto features like blemish removal, beautification, make-up features and more. This App is free with some in-app purchases which is optional for users.

Developer: JP Brothers

Compatibility: Android 2.3.3 and up

Availability: (Free with in-app purchases) Google Play Store

4. Retrica

Retrica is a full fledged app for selfie addicted with photo editing enthusiasts. This App is not marketed as a selfie app but still used by many peoples because it is great selfie app. Retrica has many fans due to its great interface and many features which are included in app.

The great features from the Retrica app developers includes 100+ filters (along with real-time filters), watermarking, collage maker, timer and more. This application must be used if you want an all rounder photo editing and selfie taking application.

Developer: Venticake Inc.

Compatibility: Requires Android 2.3.3 and up

Availability: (Free) Google Play Store

5. Selfie Studio

Selfie Studio is aimed at all the selfie lovers among other selfie apps and uses the front-facing camera of phone, so if your mobile doesn’t have front-camera, you won’t be able to use this app.

This app help you to brighten up your face with colours you can choose and there are many other features to get better experience like auto reverse, silent shoot, volume key shutter and more.

Developer: Vinghom

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and up

Selfie Camera App: (Free) Google Play Store

Top 5 Selfie Apps for iOS

1. CamMe

CamMe is unarguably the most popular selfie taking app on iOS. This app brings a lot of features, which let you to take perfect selfie which you are looking for.

There are a number of cool features in this application like Photobooth, which is like classic photobooth machines which let you to take several pictures sequentially. Funshot feature, which let you to enhances the pictures with cool cut-outs and locations. It is free for download and have in-app purchases for more Funshot templates and Photobooth features which are optional.

Developer: PointGrab LTD

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7 or later

Availability: (Free with in-app purchases) Apple iTunes Store

2. Picr

Picr is a unique picture taking application, which has ability to surprise you in a good way.This app asks you to take a picture everyday and also allow you to creates a unique personal movie of you based on your pictures you captured.

This application on iOS help you to set reminders for taking pictures everyday or even every month. This app comes with unique features which help you to get perfect selfie. This application allow you to create videos with your pictures and also add your own text, music to those videos. There are many more features, all these features are available for free on the App Store.

Developer: Marcus Rumbohm

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later

Availability: (Free) Apple iTunes Store

3.  Frontback

Frontback is a great iOS app if you want to use your dual cameras. This application has unique feature which allow to takes pictures from front and  rear camera instantly, that way you can have your selfie and you can also tell the world the awesome place you are in.

It also has some social features like it lets you to explore recent uploads based on popular, nearby and more. You can also follow friends or other people, who use Frontback which is a unique feature. There is a reaction feature as well, which lets you to interact with others using  5 second video which is not present in any iOS app.

Developer: CheckThis

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later

Availability: (Free) Apple iTunes Store

4. Perfect 365

If you want to perfect your selfies manually and love tinkering with your pictures then Perfect 365 is the best app for you which help you edit your photo easily. It has headline “One Tap Makeover” feature , so it is a great application for iOS users who want to give their pictures a makeover.

This application packs in a number of features for touch-ups and make-up of your photos. This application help you to apply make-up, remove blemishes, whiten your teeth, change your hairstyle, smooth-en your complexion and many more. Yes, this app claims, it will make you look like a model and you can get best photo which you never had before.It is available for free on the Apple App Store but there are in-app purchases for various styles but buying is optional.

Developer: ArcSoft

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or later

Availability: (Free with in-app purchases) Apple iTunes Store

5. oSnap

oSnap may not be a great photo editing app because it is also not packed with a lot of features,but one great thing is that taking selfies make more simple. If you want to take selfies on the go then oSnap app should be a good bet as compare to other app in simplicity.

It will help you to swipe from top to bottom which help you to switch between the rear and front-facing cameras. This application help you to take pictures by tapping anywhere on the display which make it fast capturing feature. It is ease of use in taking selfies, is what this application is on the list.

Developer: Steve Young

Compatibility: iOS 6.0 and later

Availability: (Paid) Apple iTunes Store

 Top 5 Selfie Apps on Windows Phone

1. Lumia Selfie

Anyone with a Lumia smartphone will be well aware of the Lumia Selfie application.It comes with pre-loaded on Lumia Windows Phones. This application was previously known as Nokia Glam Me,which is one of the best apps for selfies.

This app lets you to take selfies with ease and then edit it using the various features. There are beautification features included in this application like eye enlargement and whitening of teeth, enhancing, skin toner, softener and more. This app also brings many filters, sharing features and more. This app is available for free on the Windows Phone Store but it’s exclusive to Lumia devices which is not good but may be in coming days it will be upgraded and can be used on all window phone.

Developer: Microsoft Mobile

Compatibility: Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Availability: (Free) Windows Phone Store

2. Create A Perfect Selfie

“Create A Perfect Selfie” is a great app if you want selfies taken from your Windows Phone to be perfect even in low light. You might not have heard of the app but you must check it out and explore its other features which are great for taking good selfie. It is one of the highest rated application on the Windows Phone Store and even it is paid application.Selfie lovers love to use this app.

It brings a number of features like reshaping, defocus, beautification of your photos, filters, red eye removal, frames and more. The user experience is also up to the mark, so you will get a great selfie experience using this application.

Developer: Hde 7 Software

Compatibility: Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Availability: (Paid) Windows Phone Store

3. PicMix

PicMix is another great selfie and photo editing application that’s available on Microsoft’s platform. This application introduces itself as a mobile social photo sharing app. The app lets you take great selfies and brings some cool editing features.

This application lets you use fancy frames, add captions to your pictures, photo effects and more. It also offers fun contests and social features, which make good experience on Windows Phone.

Developer: Inovidea

Compatibility: Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Availability: (Free with in-app purchases) Windows Phone Store

4. Headshot

Headshot is a great selfie app for Windows Phone users, which makes sure that you are using right application while taking a selfie with your rear camera. This app is the best solution for you if you want to take selfies with your high resolution rear snapper to get high resolution pictures even in low light. Lumias are famous for their cameras and the rear cameras are with high resolution unmatched.

This application uses face detection to tell you which way you should move or the camera while taking a selfie with your rear camera. It also has a multiple face mode which help you when there are more than one people in the viewfinder. It also takes picture automatically for you when it finds you are in the right place and this make “Headshot” app unique.

Developer: Electric Squash Studios

Compatibility: Windows Phone 7.5, 8 and 8.1

Availability: (Free) Windows Phone Store

5. Intellicam

Intellicam like its name, its quite an intelligent application.It help you to makes use of speech and face recognition while taking selfies automatically. This  application help users to take control of the camera through voice commands which make it unique as compare to other selfie apps.

This app integrates with Windows Phone’s built in camera interface and help you to take multiple photos without touching your phone. It should be great for people who want a hands free selfie taking experience on Window Phone.

Developer: Outcoder

Compatibility: Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Availability: (Paid) Windows Phone Store

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