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Effects of the bluelight of the mobile phone on the optic cells eye


Effects of the bluelight of the mobile phone on the optic cells eye

As we all know it is a digital era and we are surrounded by number of electronic devices whether it a smart phone, laptop or a tab. It is true that they are very useful for us and we need them for performing our day-to-day work but as we, all know everything has two phases and these electronic devices are boon as well as bane. All these electronic devices especially smart phones are very harmful for our eyes, brain and body. They produce artificial bluelight, which badly affect our eyes. It is a proven fact by Korean scientists that these bluelight are indeed very harmful.

The question arises: What is a bluelight?

Sunlight is formed by different colors, which are red, violet, orange, blue etc. These colors form a white light and each color has different energy and wavelength. The blue color or ray has the smallest wavelength and it produces highest wavelengths. Light that looks white and that can have a large blue component is a bluelight. In simple words, we can say that the bluelight is the light, which we see in our smart phones at night around 10:30 pm, which is warm and not complete white or blue.
The bluelight is of two types, one is natural bluelight, which we get from sunlight, it is very useful and important for us, the other is the artificial bluelight, which we get from these smart phones, and it badly affects our eyes in numerous ways.

From where you are exposed to bluelight?

The widest exposure anyone can get from bluelight is the sun through sunlight, which is perfectly pure form of light. When the shortest wavelength collide with the air particles they scatter the bluelight everywhere. This is the only reason that sky seems blue. The other sources, the artificial sources are: CFL, fluorescent light LED, LED Televisions, tabs, computer, smart phones, laptops etc. the blue light, which we get from these smart phones, are very alarming and harmful for our eyes, body and mind.

Why we need bluelight?

In our day-to-day life, the requirement of blue light is necessary. The natural form of blue light is utilized for boosting our body alertness, elevating our moods and helps the memory and cognitive function.
Blue light is also important for regulating circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the rhythm of our body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. The amount of blue light taken in daylight helps to make this circadian rhythm better but during the night hours, the blue light that we get from smart phones, tabs, LED, Televisions, computers etc are harmful for our natural sleep cycle, which causes day tiredness and sleeping problems.

For making, our body to have more alertness and people who do not have required amount of sleep are prescribed to have the same theory. Studies have also proved that children who do not have enough exposure to sunlight have week eye vision and they lack in development of the eyes as compared to those who are exposed to enough sunlight.

How does bluelight of Smart Phones affect our human eye?

The blue light of Smart phones has short lengthen rays, which are produced by Smart phones, tabs, laptops and televisions. The smaller the wavelength the more energy it produces. so, these rays are very harmful for our eyes. These short lengthen rays damage our cells in the retina, the light-sensitive layer of tissue inside our eyes. These short rays slowly kill retina cells by producing reactive oxygen species (ROS). It is a fact proved by the Korean Scientists that these short lengthened rays kills the retina cells double as compared to those cells, which are kept in dark!

Moreover, mostly all the blue light on the earth are recognized and passes through the lens and cornea. The excess exposure to blue light affects our eye vision and that could lead in pre mature age in eyes. Not to forget that, people are more exposed to artificial blue light by being glued to their smart phones, televisions, tabs, computers etc. There is no doubt that the artificial exposure of blue light is getting more and more these days and this makes scientist more worried. This excess artificial exposure of blue light have potential to damage our photoreceptors in retina, light sensitive parts of eyes which slowly leads our eyes to blindness!

The blue light emitting from smart phones, televisions, tabs, computers, etc can also decrease contract relating to digital eyestrain. Fatigue, dry eyes, bad lighting, causes eyestrain. Sore or irritated eyes and difficulty focusing are the symptoms of eyestrain.

Does BlueLight affect other parts of the body?

Yes, blue rays affect our body parts too. Not just the eyes, but this light causes other problems too. Blue light affects heart rate, alertness, sleep propensity, body temperature, and also the gene expressions.

Harmful visible blue light

1) Human eye cannot block much of Artificial blue light: Our human eye is very effective in blocking natural blue rays which we get from sunlight . 99 percent of these rays gets blocked by reaching our light sensitive back part of the eyes . However, a spectacle ensures 100% protection from the natural blue rays and protects us from cataracts, snow blindness, a pinquecula, pterygium and cancer. Rolling the ball to the other side the artificial blue light emitted from the electronic gadgets easily enters back light- sensitive parts of eyes and damages retina cells.

2) More blue light increases macular degeneration : macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness or vision loss. The excess exposure of blue light whether natural or artificial penetrates at the back of the retina which makes causes macular degeneration and even permanent vision loss.

3) Digital eye strain: Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort which one feels while sitting in front of a electronic device whether it is computer, laptop or television. Blue light is of short wave-length and contains huge amount of energy, which scatters more than any other color light. The point is that because of scattering of the rays at great speed, the light is not that much focused which results in reduction in contracts and digital eye strain.

4) Needs to be more careful if you are suffering from cataract: The human eye have nearly 100 percent protection against the ultra violet rays. As we grow old, the eye lens naturally starts blocking artificial blue rays upto some extent, which is nearly very less and if a person has cataracts then he or she should be more careful from this artificial blue light. A person suffering from this disease should spent least amount of time in front of electronic gadgets and he or she should opt for a surgery. A glass with blue light filter may be beneficial to him or her.

What can you do to protect your Eyes from BlueLight?

There are many evil effects of blue ray on our eyes ,but opposite to that we have many ways to decrease those effects on our eyes. Harmful effects of the blue ray can be decreased by the following ways:

1.Special glasses: special glasses, also known as computer glasses which has yellow tinted lenses that block blue ray which result in ease computer digital eye strain by increasing contrast.

2.Anti-reflective lenses: these lenses are a great option to reduce the contrast and glare which could harm our eyes in many ways. It also help in blocking the blue light ray from sun and digital devices.

3.screen filters: these are easily available options which could help in reducing the harmful effects of blue ray on our eyes. They create an additional protective layer on the screen of your device whether it is a smart phone, Personal computer or Laptop. This layer helps in reduction of the blue ray light coming out of the screen of the device.

4.Usage time: best way to save our eyes from the blue ray is to reduce the usage time of the devices which produces it, But if it is not possible then we should take small breaks on regular interval.

5. Change in habits: maximum people among us are always checking their mobile phones on a very frequent basis, which is actually not a good habit. Through this habit we are making a direct contact with the blue ray on frequently which could cause harmful effects on our retina. So to avoid such harmless to our eyes we should change our habit of checking our phones in every 5 to 10 minutes. Through is we can reduce the effects of blue ray on eyes in an efficient manner.

To put sea into the cup we can say that blue rays are very harmful but we can protect our self by taking care of necessarily steps. As avoiding such a harmful substance is a stupidity.

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How Politicians Benefited From Social Media | Effects of social media


Social Media Impacting Politics: How Politicians Benefited From Social Media

In the wake of a social media era, the world population records upto 2.46 billion social media users worldwide in 2017 and a further projected 2.95 billion by 2020. This translates to a third of the entire global population. Social media is redefining the world, from communication channels to businesses strategies to politics. Lest we forget the very basic, our household operations.what are effects of social media.

Don’t take my word for it.

Remember that appliance that home decor piece you shopped online? What about the one from the marketing post? People are actively selling and shopping on Facebook and Instagram.

This however is not our topic of discussion today. Today we take an insight on how social media is impacting politics on our back yards.
Social media is rising to become one of the most powerful tools on the internet. Dating back a few decades ago social media was only popular among the youthful population. It did not enjoy much vigor and energy as it is now.

Over the years, this has changed tremendously. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Facebook today? I see the granny next door post photos of her cats every morning.

In the past decade, social media has taken over politics too. We have seen leaders take advantage of the powerful tool to develop their political careers. This has revolutionized the entire political landscape. Initially, in most countries the role of politics was mostly taken up by influential individuals from higher social status.

This maybe owed to a couple of reasons including; the cost of the taking part in the venture or social beliefs that ruling families provided naturally born leaders. This greatly disadvantaged potential leaders who had no chance to present their views and sell their ideas. Leave alone afford the venture.

A tale that was reshaped as the world witnessed the swearing in of the first black president of the USA in 2008. It follows that Obama was among the first leaders to use the power of social media to win the hearts of the American voter population. Enjoying a region with the highest social media penetration, Obama made history on his presidential victory.

Enough talk and history lessons!

How has social media helped politicians?

One of the best ideas about social media is that, it is just a social platform. It is free to use and it does not discriminate.

1. Improved the Campaigns process

The social media platform is a global platform. Unlike the mainstream media that covers a proportion of the population, social media offers a wider coverage which provides the leaders with a proper platform to sell their ideas and thoughts to the voters.
We review a case of the 2016 elections in the US where Trump was only endorsed by 6 media stations. This was a significantly lower number compared to the overwhelming support forClinton. However, taking advantage of the social media influence, Trump who is said to record the highest number of mentions on Twitter than all the other most mentioned candidates (seven of them combined) managed to carry the day.

President Donald Trump made use of the social media platform to popularize his candidacy.Trump managed to ride the tides of social media supremacy to boost his campaigns.

2. Creation of Civil Awareness

Social media platform has provided a platform for political leaders to enlighten the ordinary citizens on their civic duties, rights and obligations.
In regions where the political participation of the citizens remains wanting, example in wider parts of Africa, a large proportion of the population fails to understand and appreciate their political roles such as voting leading poor leadership and governance.

In the USA the older generation is said to contribute the largest proportion of voters while the younger population remains uncertain about their role in political participation.
Thanks to social media supremacy, politicians are able to influence their followers to take up roles seriously.

3. Push for forums

Sitting in the hot afternoon history class, I remember my teacher say that oppositions have always played a role in democracies by “keeping the government on its toes”.
Opposition political leaders now enjoy the social media platform to push for alternative policies and forums that may benefit the ordinary citizens.

Take an instance of the popular BREXIT and Obama care campaigns, the political leaders capitalized on their influence over social media followers to push for the ideologies they supported. This is becoming an increasingly growing trend over the years.

4. Contact with citizens and voters.

Barrack Obama reaching out to the voters. Social media has improved contact between politicians and voters.but what are negative effects of social media on peoples.some times social media updates are fake.

Politicians are able to connect with the voter and the citizen at the most basic level. Social media has risen over all the communication barriers, it has basically brought as down to the same level where you as a leader can interact with the voters.

Leaders can now enjoy borrowing ideas, policies and just feeling the connection to the people they govern. This is not only beneficial to the leader but also to me as a voter. I can get to question your campaign promises and policies you haven’t delivered on.The politicians can now understand and appreciate the voice of the voters.

5. Lower costs of advertising

Facebook live, YouTube uploads, tweets, Facebook posts, they are all free and reach to people fast,This is effects of social media on peoples. Welcome to the cheaper world of convenience.

Unlike the earlier times when political leaders had to flash a lot of resources to pay for numerous TV ads, set up field offices, erect highest billboards and hire campaign trails to tour the whole country.
While some of this modes of advertising may bear fruit. Politicians can slash their campaign advertising expenditures significantly by diversifying their strategies and still create an impact on the voters.
Trump did it with arguably very limited resources and social capital from the Republicans.

6. Conduct fundraising

Politicians today get to enjoy unlimited coverage to raise funds from their followers, sponsors and well- wishers via the various platforms.
This simple fundraising projects go along away to support the campaigns of the politicians. This was most recently on the just concluded Kenyan election where the opposition leader conducted a fundraising through the party’s social media platforms following the nullification of elections that forced the country to go back to the ballot.

Another better example is Ron Paul a Republican presidential candidate in the US 2008 elections.

7. Reach Specific Audiences

Unlike in the main stream media where adverts are designed for general viewers, the social media enables the politicians to address a specific target audience.

The politicians today can tailor their messages to reach a certain community, a certain age bracket, a certain gender, a certain profession. The freedom to reach out to the desired audience like the youth, the whites, the business society

This improves the influence of the politicians given that they are able to appeal to the desired needs of all the voters. A strategy best applied by Barrack Obama.

8. Evaluating the Public Opinion

If you were to ask the likes of Ronald Reagan or just any other influential politician from the early 20th Century, they would tell you that to understand the effect of a political move on the country it took the effort of highly paid and well- qualified political analysts.
Prudent to say, those days are long gone. Social media has made it better with time. You can access the impact of any new rules, policies, forums, proposals comfortably from Tweeter and Facebook.

People have learned to appreciate the freedom of expression. They will not hesitate to make known what they feel about ideas that affect them directly or indirectly.

9. Urgent Feedback

Politicians today get to enjoy the convenience of accessing urgent response from the public.
In one of such cases, the sitting president of Kenya earlier on the year used this to his advantage by using the Facebook live service to reach out to the voters. The president gave the voters a chance to indulge as he took their questions and comments.
In what seemed like a fair leader to voter conversation, the president was able acquire the required information from participating parties.

10. Initiate Projects

Political leaders are well enabled by the social media platforms and their influence on the society to initiate projects that may be beneficial to community.
Given their positions politicians are well suited to attract investors and sponsors as well as their social media followers. Leaders have been known to apply this strategy in trying to improve the value of life for the less fortunate and the disabled in the society.
In such a move, a prominent politician was able to initiate a project that fought against poaching of elephants and rhinos for their tusks. The move marked a major milestone in conserving an almost extinct species.

The supremacy of social media platform has revolutionized so much in the World today but above all it continues to redefine the concept of proper governance and leadership. Democracy is getting fairer by the day.but what are negative effects of social media people should also focus on this point.

Leaves me thinking, is it possible that we will one day sit at the convenience of our living rooms as lawmakers? Each individual playing a direct role in making of the country laws no representatives, because we are all lawmakers and this are effects of social media on us.

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Snapchat CEO Explains Why he refused Facebook’s Billions Dollars


Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s 24 year old CEO, spoken at the University of Southern California’s School on Friday.

Spiegel came up with the idea for Snapchat while when he was working on a class project at Stanford in 2010. He initially called it Picaboo at that time.

Spiegel left Stanford in 2012 with two of his fraternity brothers to develop Snapchat before he completed his degree.

During his very short speech at Friday’s commencement.He only spoke for ten minutes. Spiegel talked about his own graduation ceremony which was three years ago and in which he listened to Cory Booker speak,this was long time ago. Then Spiegel walked on the stage to receive an empty diploma case.

Spiegel said We do all sorts of silly things to avoid appearing different in whole graduation time.

being different meant was starting a new company and not completing his college education which was also important.

Why Spiegel refused facebook’s 3 billions of dollars ?

Spiegel decided not to sell Snapchat to Facebook for billions of dollars and that was good decision of him according to Spiegel.Facebook made him offer at least twice time but he didn’t accepted facebook’s billions of dollars offer. Spiegel says the question he receives most of the time was, “Why didn’t you sell your business?”

“The best thing is that, no matter you sell or not but you will learn something very valuable about yourself and that was great learning according to him. If you sell then you will know immediately that it was not the right dream which was sold due to money. And if you don’t sell you are probably onto something which is great.

“When we decided that we will not sell our business, people called us a lot of crazy things like arrogant and entitled but in reality i won’t want to sell for money. The same words that I have heard which was used to describe our generation time and time again which was important factor. Spiegel said that We have sense of entitlement, ownership because after all we were born into this world  and we are responsible for it.


Speigel advice:

Before leaving the stage, Spiegel imparted several advice to the young audience which was great thinking:

  • “The greatest thing which we can do is to provide the best possible foundation for those who come after us.”
  • “Have faith in yourself which we help you in life. Know that you will be capable of all the growth expected of you and also that you expect of yourself.”
  • “Someone will always have an opinion of you but don’t think about that too much. Whatever you do will never be enough so every step should be toward success. So find something important to you and also something you love.”
  • “You are going to make a lot of mistakes at start. Just apologize as quickly as you can and also pray for forgiveness which will make you happy.”
  • “You are going to face a challenge on every step, a full time job which will never end. The hardest part is going to be getting used to solving problems that don’t have answers and which need to be solved.”
  • “I beg you to remember that it is not possible to know the end results of our efforts so hard work and don’t think about result.”
  • “Please voice your dissent. Anticipate your erasure. And find something which you are not willing to sell at any time.”


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Facebook building world’s most advanced data centre in Irish village

facebook world’s advance data centre


Facebook building world’s advance data centre:


Facebook has announced that,it is building a new data centre which is world’s advance data centre in Clonee, Ireland, a small village close to Dublin.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims that it will be worlds advance data centre which will be the social network’s second Data Centre outside of U.S and globally its sixth.

According to Mark, new centre will be located just a 30-minute drive from Facebook’s international headquarters in the country’s capital which is so nearby.It cost nearly €200 million(approx. £152 million) and 2000 people works during its construction.They focused to launch this centre early 2018.

The new centre  will cover 31,000 sq.m area and with planning permission which already received for a second building on the Clonee site which is great to hear but it is unclear whether construction will start on this project at the same time or not.

Zuckerberg Comment:

On the launch of the new Irish centre, Zuckerberg said: “Clonee Data Center will be one of the most advanced and energy efficient data centers in the world. It will feature the latest server, storage and network designs developed through the Open Compute Project, and will be powered by 100% renewable energy.”

The Open Compute Project was founded in 2011.Organisation dedicated to sharing innovative data centre design and products to make them more efficient and successful. Members also include Apple, Cisco, Microsoft and also Bank of America.

In this case,Mark noted that renewable energy will be wind power.Clonee centre will be cooled with air from outside.It is a method which will incorporate an indirect system to filter the salt from winds of Irish Sea.

The CEO added: “We’re glad to be investing in Ireland, to become a part of the Clonee community, and to continue building the massive infrastructure that connects our global community.”

In History,Facebook’s first data centre outside of the U.S. is located in Lulea, Sweden, and is similarly based on Open Compute Project efficient designs.It opened in 2013,the colocation bases are powerded by generated hydro-electricity and use the cold Nordic air to cool the heated servers.They also used Waste heat to heat support rooms and offices on site.

Last year,BladRoom is British company which specialises in the design of data centre has filed a lawsuit against Facebook.They claimed that Facebook had stolen its designs, and that the substantial value of the work ended up in the Swedish Lulea centre.

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Flash vulnerability security hole could hurt facebook business


Earlier this month  a security vulnerability was found in Adobe Flash which compelled Google and Mozilla to temporarily block the plug-in from their browsers and created problem for users. Facebook says this holes of Flash could hurt its business.

On Friday, Facebook said security issues of Flash could harm the revenue which he get from Payments service because social games on Facebook depends on Flash, and it is the source for all the revenue it gets from Payments.

The company listed this issue for the first time among the “risk factors”. Companies of the U.S. are required to disclose such risks to which are creating problem. Facebook felt the need to disclose this flash holes which hold down revenue coming from social games.

“In July 2015”, certain security holes discovered in Flash made temporary interruption of support for Flash used by popular web browsers like chrome,mozila,opera.The company wrote about this issue with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. If same interruptions occur in the future and stops us to provide social games to some or all of our users, our stops to generate Payments revenue.


Many People Spoken for facebook and Adobe declined to comment about flash vulnerability



Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, tweets on Twitter that Adobe should announce to solve this security hole of flash. This took a lot of attention and it was re-tweeted more than 2,400 times on tweeter.

Facebook hasn’t ended support for Flash for one reason that, the large number of developers still creating games with it, said Jerome Segura, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes Labs, a division of the Internet security vendor.

He said there are many people in the gaming world who are still very attached to Flash after knowing this security hole of flash.

Flash is still widely used in many Web browsers.Sites are increasingly supporting alternatives  like JavaScript and HTML 5 which can also replace flash.Facebook also supports HTML and Unity but still depends on flash.

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