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How to Design Website Guide


How to design Website Guide

Sites are divided into type:

Fixed Website:

These sites are designed once and the information they need is inside them, and then they need a professional or semi-professional designer to change them. The programming language of these sites is often HTML and Java Script, which is also used in a more advanced form than CSS.

Because of the lower volume of code used in the design of fixed sites, loading rates are high. Additionally, reducing the volume of code that makes the site more readable by search engines, on the one hand, and reducing the loading time on the other hand, improves their position in terms of ranking of search engines, or “Ranking.” Fixed sites also have a lower design value than other sites.

The impossibility of making changes to these types of sites by ordinary people in addition to enhancing the security makes use of the graphics and looks beautiful because everything is fixed, including the texts and the size of the images as well as all the fixed and fixed location elements. The location of each component took the best decision.

But on the other hand, the impossibility of making changes by ordinary people makes it possible to update the site by the owners and webmasters.
Note: Static sites are suitable for individuals, corporations and organizations that require changes to the content of the site at least once or twice a year.

Dynamic Website:

Dynamic site content can be changed after being designed by ordinary people who have access to the content management system of the site. Dynamic website programming languages can be different from one another, but are mainly used in ASP, ASP.Net, and Php languages, and use CSS and Silverlight or Ajax for special functionality.

In such sites, the skeleton of the site is first created by the designer, and then the content is changed by the site administrators, such as the contract form that once created by a person and repeatedly completed by other people, hence the designer relative to the location and exact size of the texts and Images and other elements that are subsequently changed by site administrators, therefore, have no choice but to consider all the scenarios, which will reduce the amount of graphics and display of the site.

One of the advantages of dynamic sites is that there is no limit to creating, modifying, or deleting content, images, pages, and so on.
Considering the use of advanced programming languages on dynamic sites, many features can be created, such as creating smart pages, complex forms and searches.

Using a lot of code will slow down the loading of the site and its privilege in search engines.

Note: Dynamic sites are suitable for individuals, corporations and organizations that need to change their content more than twice a year.

Portals: Portals are comprehensive journals that follow several specific goals on a site, in other words, the sum of the multi-site dynamic sites that are put together to achieve a specific goal can be called a portal. For example, a newsletter can be composed of several dynamic sites, each of which offers its managers special features such as recruiting, publishing news, publishing pictures, polls, etc.

All features of a dynamic site can also fit in a portal.
Tip: Usually, the portals are purchased by organizations, groups, and companies. It is very difficult for an individual to update the different departments of their administration unless it is looked at in the face of a part-time job.
Static and semi-dynamic moving sites: Flash or mobile sites are static and semi-dynamic, and are created by certain software. In some cases, XML or Action Script is used to create change or intelligence capabilities on these sites.
Generally, fixed (static) flash sites are unaltered and created by designers as fixed sites once and need to be changed so that people have professional or semi-professional knowledge of flash design.

But semi-dynamic or semi-dynamic Flash sites, such as dynamic sites, can be modified, but the change is not simply dynamic sites, and the scope for change is much more limited.

The advantages of flash websites are their attraction. Beautiful graphics and attractive animations. But the major disadvantages include the lack of readability of the information contained in the search robots, and in particular the very low loading rate.

Note: Flash sites are suitable for individuals and groups or companies and organizations that do not need advertising and are familiar to the general

public, such as readers, politicians, actors and bands, famous hotels, tourist sites.
Sites with Content Management System: CMS-enabled sites, known as CMS, stands for the Content Management System, are websites of the kind of portals or dynamic sites that are created for professional use by professional designers or professional design companies.
All the benefits and disadvantages of dynamic sites apply to sites with a content management system.

Tip: Usually, the portals are purchased by organizations, groups, and companies. It is very difficult for an individual to update the different departments of their administration unless it is looked at in the face of a part-time job.

Static and semi-dynamic moving sites: Flash or mobile sites are static and semi-dynamic, and are created by certain software. In some cases, XML or Action Script is used to create change or intelligence capabilities on these sites.

Generally, fixed (static) flash sites are unaltered and created by designers as fixed sites once and need to be changed so that people have professional or semi-professional knowledge of flash design.

But semi-dynamic or semi-dynamic Flash sites, such as dynamic sites, can be modified, but the change is not simply dynamic sites, and the scope for change is much more limited.

The advantages of flash websites are their attraction. Beautiful graphics and attractive animations. But the major disadvantages include the lack of readability of the information contained in the search robots, and in particular the very low loading rate.

Note: Flash sites are suitable for individuals and groups or companies and organizations that do not need advertising and are familiar to the general

public, such as readers, politicians, actors and bands, famous hotels, tourist sites.
Sites with Content Management System: CMS-enabled sites, known as CMS, stands for the Content Management System, are websites of the kind of portals or dynamic sites that are created for professional use by professional designers or professional design companies.

All the benefits and disadvantages of dynamic sites apply to sites with a content management system.
Keep in mind, though, that dynamic sites and portals are also equipped with a content management system, but what’s different in CMS is their design and content management systems for specific uses.

The benefits of content management systems to other dynamic sites can be cited as being ready and comprehensive. Therefore, most of these sites can be installed and used in less than 3 business days.

The design of CMS sites is like a product line, and since the designer must produce a limited number of samples, he will try to comply with all the security principles, graphics, ranking issues, rating of search engines, and more.

Given their benefits to all individuals, organizations and companies that have the terms of having dynamic sites, it is advisable to look for specific content management systems first and, if they are not found, they will be able to design dynamic sites.

Web design:

The website is a collection of information about a topic or specific title. The design of a website identifies the layout and structure of web pages that will create the website. A web page contains information about the purpose of creating a website. Imagine a website as a book that every webpage will be in the judgment of the book.

In the area of website design, various aspects have to be taken into account, which is increasingly being added to the growing Internet. For public business websites, the following are among the most important:
Site design is based on the title and content of the content.

The content, the essence of the word, and the information inside the site should be in accordance with the site’s purpose and indicate a spectrum of the public seeking information provided on the site.
The site should be easy to understand and communicate with even those who are not familiar with the web. If the site is large enough and contains a lot of information, it should use the help information so that it can be readily available to the viewer.

The work view should be generic and include a full screen so that it can provide sustainability and stability. The style of writing should be beautiful and specialized and tailored to the taste of the audience and the content of the site.
The writing of the texts and information that the audience is looking for should be magnified to suggest to the viewer that this is what they were looking for.

Also, the site should be easily found on the Internet and, if possible, be placed on the top of the search list, though it should not always be so, at least in the main search engines.

A website usually contains text and images. The first page of a website is called the home page or the index page. Some sites use a page that is usually called a welcome page. This page may include items such as greetings, language selection, geographical area selection, or declarations of non-acceptance in certain cases. Each Web page on the Web site is an HTML file that has its own URL.
After each web page is created, these pages connect to each other using a directory of links that are made up of different links.
Once a website has been completed, it should be published or uploaded to be visible to everyone on the Internet. This is done with the help of a FTP host. When the site is published, the site’s visitor uses a variety of techniques to increase visitors. This is possible by registering a website in search engines such as Google and Yahoo, exchanging links with other websites, linking to similar sites, and so on.

WordPress is the most popular content management system for website launch, which is offered for free. This system allows you to implement any kind of site from simple to advanced, and even if you have PHP codecs, you can add features to WordPress. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are the most popular WordPress content management systems that WordPress is trusted from other systems, due to the many basic and side features that this content management system has. Also, this content management system has more pre-made templates than Joomla and Drupal, which has made it even more popular.

To get WordPress source files, go to and go to and download the latest version of WordPress. Download the file and upload the contents of the file to your server. After loading WordPress on the server, it is enough to see the address of the site in the browser to begin the installation process. Be careful not to install the mysql database on your WordPress site, because when you install the database information, including the database server, which is usually localhost, the database name, username, and database password are required.

After completing the WordPress installation process, it is installed on your site and you need to translate WordPress. Go to the page and refer to the persian section and download the language file.

After installing the language, you need to download the WordPress template. To download the WordPress template, go to and download the manuscript template. If you are looking for right-to-left templates for WordPress, go to the page. To install the WordPress template, simply go to your control panel and install the template in the template section.

WordPress Tutorials on Templates:

After installing the template you can create site content and create your own menus. Once installed, you can secure your wordpress with htaccess.

* Be sure to update your WordPress theme continuously.

If you need a certain WordPress feature that is not available in the base, you can go to and download the plugin and install it in WordPress. You can also search and install the template and plugin from WordPress CMS. WordPress can be installed and installed for free, but you need to consult with web design specialist in order to avoid future problems.

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How To Design T-Shirts Printing


Every style of dressing or any piece of clothing is actually a showcase of the culture of that particular area. Every outfit or costume is worn and liked in specific areas of the world. For example, Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh wear kurta, Macau dress is worn by Chinese, Jubbah is popular in Arabian and Gulf states etc. but T shirt printing are not limited to any land, gender, religious or ethnic group.

The t-shirt is a piece of clothing that is popular all over the world and Asians, Americans, Africans, Australians all wear t-shirts. The popularity of t-shirts is because of the reason that they are comfortable, can be stitched with different materials, have a big margin of designing, easy to wear, requires minimum material, and are a simplest wearing article.

The popularity and vast use of tees have uplift the garment industry and many brands are involved in its production and designing. Billion dollars are invested all around the world in designing, production, import and export of t-shirts around the world. Not only big brands are involved in this business, many entrepreneurs and small startup individuals are in this business.

To compete in the market and make your place in this business you have to be good at designing. The urge of unique, desired, and startling designs can make your t-shirts, the people`s choice. For T-shirt designing, you need to follow the mentioned three basics of designing and according to the requirement, budget and market have to select the suitable option for designing.

• Elements Of Designing
• Types Of Designs
• Process of Printing
• Fabric Selection

Each of them is discussed below in detail.

Elements of T shirt Printing Designing

Keep Target In Mind

The choices of people vary from place to place. A t-shirt is a product that is usually purchased because of its design. The best point is that whatever you will design, you can still get some customers for it all you have to do is to hit the right target.
Study the culture, popular choices, existing brand, gender choices, and age wise preferences and set a target in your mind.

Understanding the Niche

If you have any some clients than research to understand their niche and find out best possible ways to meet the requirements in form designing. If you don’t have any client then work to understand niche of your targeted audience. Keeping in mind likes, dislikes, ongoing trends, climate and class of people, design to meet the needs in the best way. Your design should be of a level that target audience cannot resist to buy it.
There are certain requirements for every category. Semi-formal t-shirt, formal t-shirt, beach time tees, daily wear t-shirts etc. Understanding of styles and chucks of each category is a necessity.

Play with Colors

Colors are actually God of this filed. Selection of colors decides what class of people will wear it and for which category the t-shirt is for. Colors actually attract people more than the design or material. So the best way to design is to incorporate suitable colors into your designs.
Maintaining the decency and sophistication of design with a selection of colors is actually an art. Adding too many colors will spoil the class of design whereas wrong selection of colors can end the show as well. Be playful with colors but in a sensible manner. Consider a fact that a many people like minimum colors whereas there is a big market for multi-color designs as well, right selection of colors according to target audience, gender, age and climate convince the buyers to select any specific design

Increase Design Quality by Composing Your Creativity

The composition of design multiples the attractiveness of the product. Lines, prints, graphics, and other elements should have linkage with each other and focus on the flow of design is mandatory to generate a fine piece of art in T-shirt designing field. Weight and placement of design are the two keys to add an appealing factor. Balancing of colors and suitable sizing of everything in design adds more beauty.

Add Uniqueness

Going with the flow in terms of designing is a safe play but will not work for so long. The artist should have the ability to produce something unique to set trends rather than obeying other`s already set styles.
Competition is too tough in the market, why people will prefer your design if it is just like many others in the market. Being creative and setting your own style will not only make your t-shirt worthy enough to be purchased but people will love to wear it and it will give your brand a recognition as well.


A design that is at the armpit, at the hip place, or around the boob area will obviously decrease the wear-ability of design and people will feel uncomfortable while carrying it. Something that is awkward has no or very limited market. Always ask yourself “will I buy and wear this design?”


In a competitive market pricing is everything. During the whole process of design keeping in mind measure of quality and amount of investment is essential. Overly priced products are not preferred, very cheap articles are also considered as cheap many times. A balanced proportion of quality, competitors offered price, and your design price will make your t-shirts sales graph to rise.

Types of T shirt Printing Designing

For ease of understanding of choices, designs are divided into types.

Typographic T-shirts

Slogans, names, catchy captions, messages etc. are usually written on t-shirts this kind of designing falls into the category of typographic t shirt printing. To promote any thought this form of designing is the best choice. Designs are created by using different fonts, in different sizes with options of bold, italic and underline to generate a look that can appeal buyers. Basic shapes can also be added to complete the design. Typographic shirts are widely used and are also considered as a choice of majority people. In a wardrobe of 2 to 3 shirts of this type are usually found. Sober people prefer to wear plain or typographic shirts because they look sophisticated. Along with young people, kids and elderly people also choose these shirts.

Calligraphic T-shirts

Like typography, slogans, names, catchy captions, messages etc. are printed on t-shirts as design. The difference between the two types is that calligraphy uses fonts of Arabic, Persian or Urdu language. It is a popular choice in Arabian countries, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. This form of designing is considered very classy in Arabian countries and designs are created by mixing typography and calligraphy together.

Hyper-Realistic T-shirt

These  include pictures, illustration or photographs. They create a very strong impact and are a popular choice for youngsters. Usually, 300 dpi or more is printed. Due to the clarity of the picture these designs attract buyers. A trend of having own or loved one’s photo on tees is has set by hyper-realistic t shirt printing. Most commonly pictures of famous personalities especially singers, models, and actors are printed.

Illustrated T-shirts

This category requires a high level of skills and knowledge of graphic designing to generate an artistic piece. These t shirt printing are too popular among all age group people and genders. Some only have a drawing while some include hidden messages described in form of drawings. People who are good at using illustration software of having good drawing skills are known as cheetahs of this type of designing. Illustrative t-shirts have a complex design, non-necessarily but mostly in multi colors. Sober natured people are usually not buyers of an illustrative variety of designs.

Graphic T-shirts

This kind lies between typography and illustrated t-shirts. Sometimes include calligraphy as well. These t shirt printing are less complex than illustrative type but are more detailed than typographic p or calligraphic type. Play with simple shapes, easy images and text is are the objects of designing.

Abstract T-shirts

Like abstract paintings, these tees include geometric shapes, lyrical designs or colors plays. The geometrical designs are a popular choice for sober natured people and 30+ of age. Lyrical and color manipulation designs are popular among all ages of people. This type of designing links to the art of expressionism.

Brand Promoting Or Logo T shirt printing

This type of tees include names of any brand, or logo. They are usually using a uniform or are to promote any brand among people. Company logos, event name, organization name, the slogan of any cause or symbol of any trending stance are used in designing t shirt printing.

Process of Printing

Screen Printing

A screen is prepared which is basically made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame. Then colors are poured on over the frame, spread by scrapper and print is transferred on a piece of cloth. Screen printing machines skip all manual process and transfer color of the garment itself. This technique is suitable for printing single design in bulk and is cost-effective in for bulk production but when it comes to designs having more than 3 colors printing process becomes a hustle. This method is not suitable for printing of customized pieces of design. Prints are durable.

Heat Transfer

This kind of printing requires a heat transfer machine. Cloth piece is spread over the one surface of the machine, the design is printed over heat paper and is installed in the machine, then the other surface of machine presses the design print over the fabric while generating heat in this way tees are printed. This is a commercial and a suitable way for complex designs and customized designs. The quality of the print is low and less durable.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

This printing process is similar to printing with an inkjet printer. It is an easy process of printing on a printing machine is required. The finishing is outstanding and printing or complex designs is easy. By automatic mixing of colors by the printing machine, unlimited colors and shades can be produced which gives the design a perfect look. Quality of prints is also durable but this process is not cost effective, bulk printing increases cost of stock too much.

Hand Painting/DIY

This technique is old and is not for commercial use. Fabric paints are used to paint the design on tees and are usually painted manually. Stencils are used to paint with finishing.
Some other DIY techniques are also popular among which tie and dye technique, vinyl setting etc are included but all these techniques are not durable and consume a lot of time.

Playing With Fabric

Suitable selection of the material of tees is also important. Climate, gender, and comfort ability should be kept in consideration while selecting fabric material. Most commonly cotton mix and polyester mix material are top choices of the market.

Along with material, there are styles of stitching as well including different neck styles. V-neck, round neck, buttoned front, full collar neck, half collar neck.

Whereas fitting styles should also cooperate the design. Loose fit shirts look amazing with minimum designing, illustrative designing looks great on fitted shirts, You can also choose among short body shirts and long, extra-long shirts.

Selection of right thing for right market is the real process of designing. If you plan things smartly you can rock in tees market and can earn good money as well as recognition.

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How to speed up your android phone


How to speed up android phone

Are you experiencing slow speed of  your device? Here I provide fast track solution for you.

It’s the one and the only best accelerator, DU SPEED BOOSTER. The application enabled to merge all android devices, support handsets and other affiliate systems.

The home page has these tools:

i. Accelerator
ii. Trash cleaner
iii. App Manager
iv. Speed Test
v. Security (Antivirus)

Trash cleaner, App Manager, Antivirus, and the Accelerator, are the main application tools powered to regulate android device operating system. Without them, then nothing significant would be expected. They are enabled to clear any staggering files thereby leaving your phone in a conducive environment to run smoothly. For that matter, I therefore move forward to discuss how is this possible and the procedure followed to optimize the handset navigation speed. Consider the discussion as enumerated below.

1. Accelerator

Is a super integrated activity tool. Comes numberone to mitigate against speed limitation for your android smartphone. It makes use of speed engine to accelerate running apps in the device background. An advantage to the whole system. As it works to release hidden memory preventing your phone suffering delayed sensor response.

How does it accelerate the operating system activity:


I. Open DU SPEED BOOSTER in your home screen and tap the Accelerator tool to display rest of the features.
II. Press the ‘accelerate’ button noting which apps are you accelerating. All of them shall be displayed on the screen.
III. The entire phone operating system will now be accelerated. To complete, press the ‘Finish’ button.

2. Trash Cleaner:

Trash cleaner ensure all system trash and residual files are cleared from the system. When present, they slow down the navigation of the device on the internet , similarly, internal system data processing for offline management. All the cache residual trashis removed releasingmemory. The released memory supports the device against indispensable data backup that would slow down your smartphone. You can now swiftly browse at no strain.

Conversely, an immense feature of isolating and deleting mega files is available. These are the files that occupy massive storage space in the memory. They can easily impair online activity due to a big back weight in the memory. You’ll therefore realise, surfing the internet become problematic. Because, the load in your smartphone limit the device online functionality. Hence you need to undertake memory cleansing using advanced cleaner feature provided in the trash cleaner tool. The only way to redeem your phone internet search speed.
Select files of less interest and clean. System trash at a times would hide here. You need to be careful to clear them away, or else become a burden.

How is it done?


I. Open the DU SPEED BOOSTER in the home screen and tap the trash cleaner tool. Memory to be cleaned will display.
II. Press ‘clean’ button at the bottom of the screen. All files run through the system sieving out residual trash.
III. Press ‘Finish’ button to complete. You can now download and open multiple pages on the internetwithoutstrain.

3. App Manager

Is the most superior tool in management of applications. Characterised by machinery features to uninstall or change memory storage for import applications. Only downloaded applications will be free to move but not system apps. Any effort to move, disable, or uninstall system apps, hamper the whole device operating system. Most apps now begin to misbehave creating difficulty to the operator. That’s why no attempt to uninstall system apps should be allowed.
With this tool, you’ll only access to disable and uninstall downloaded applications and not pre installed apps. A guided function to avoid distortion of your smartphone operations.

How is it done:


I. Move Applications to SD CARD:
– Open the app manager in DU SPEED BOOSTER home screen.
– Tap ‘Move to SD CARD’ feature.
– Select specific applications to be moved, as all apps will be displayed.
– Press ‘Move to SD CARD’ button. Wait for a moment to receive a confirmation, ‘App moved to SD CARD’, displayed.

II. Uninstall
– Repeat step (i) above.
– Tap ‘Uninstall ‘ feature to display all apps on the screen. You’ll be warned against uninstalling of system apps. Since they will cause other applications to misbehave.
– Select downloaded apps you intend to uninstall. These are the applications of little importance in your androidsmartphone.
– Press ‘Uninstall’ button to uninstall the selected apps. You’ll only be directed to uninstall one app at a time, and not multiple apps. What follows is for you to confirm uninstall instruction.

4. Speed Test:

Though ‘Speed Test’ tool is least implicated to playa role in this system, it adds up to the complementary functionality of the above mentioned tools. Just like the others, it aims at device navigation speed modification. It first tests device running speed. An avenue to establish the background of boosting the phone operating system frequency. It’ll relay the signal to boost the device on screen, ‘slow’ at the top screen, and ‘Restart’ at the right lower corner of the screen.Calling action to be taken by use of other tools to accelerate frequency of the device.

How is done:

Speed Test Procedure:

I. Open ‘Speed Test’ tool in DU SPEED BOOSTER home screen.
II. Press ‘start’ button to initiate the process. You’ll be told, a small data amount will be consumed. Accept by pressing ‘Continue’ to roll it down.
III. The process will be complete and the speed of your device shall be registered. If slow, you’ll need to boost, if medium or high, you may decide to hold it on. That is it. Your device can now function normal.

5. Antivirus (Device Security):

If you intend to puncture your device operating system, then never bother about scanning for antivirus. We mostly believe antivirus are meant only for PCs and Desktop computers, but not Smartphones. This is a killer disease. It’s an enlightenment to be informed, smartphones just like other electronic devices are prone to viruses. The avenue for breakdown of the whole system. Care should be taken.
With DU SPEED BOOSTER Antivirus scan, your device is assured of software security free of internal breakages due to viruses. What you only need to do, is toremember periodical scan.

Antivirus Scan Procedure:

I. Open ‘Security tool’ in the app home screen to display the ‘Antivirus’ button.
II. Press the button to disclose antivirus engine scan page.
III. Press ‘Quick Scan’ button to begin the scan. Phone memory will be scanned first, later on, you’ll be asked to scan the SD CARD.
IV. Tap ‘Finish’ to complete. You can now safely store files and open without any interference. No limitations.




As you have visualise, DU SPEED BOOSTER application is a one way easiest to optimise your Android system smartphone. A reliable means to repair your device software. No other application will perform like it does. The only similarity is, they will have the antivirus scan and app manager, but again complicated to implement its use. No learner education is required for you to manage your phone usingDU SPEED BOOSTER.The only feature mandatoryis, to follow simply guided instructions. That’s all. No more is required from you.
An Easy More Integrated Way To Protect And Optimise Your Android Operating System SmartphoneSpeed.

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How to break into your locked Android device


The passwords in mobile devices generally meant for private security purposes. These passwords may include patterns, numerical codes (PIN), password of characters or finger print password usually for newer devices. Using one of these allows one to keep their personal or confidential data safe from their friends or strangers. One more reason behind keeping passwords is to avoid illegitimate breach into your phone when the device is somehow stolen or misplaced. But sometimes it gets locked if someone doesn’t remember the password and it feels it’s not going to open ever, which is not the case. There are certain ways to tackle the problem and some of them are discussed here that would help you to recover your device safely without losing any of your saved files. Not all of them will work on all sorts of devices but you can always try one or more.

1. Using android device manager service

This method is most suitable approach for almost all the devices which have been purchased in recent times or the devices which are associated or technically (logged in) with your Google account. The service of Android device manager is accessible by any other android device through its app or by logging to the link:

The process involves the following easy steps:

i) As soon as you visit the link a prompt will pop out asking you the Googleaccount login credentials. Note that use the same login credentials as your locked android device was logged with, in case you have multiple Google accounts.

ii) After logging to your Gmail account, it will show you all the mobile devices which might be logged with the same ID. Note that it is possible that your browser might be facing problems in finding your device, refreshing the browser would help to fix the problem. Ideally your device should be found within five attempts if the device is compatible.

android locked device google account

iii) As soon as you select the locked device you will be directed to a prompt showing three buttons: Ring, Lock and Erase. Clicking onto the Lock button will prompt you to another popup asking you to put new password for the locked device. You will be asked to write it one more time for the sake of confirmation followed by a recovery message and a phone number. Although later two are optional but it would be better if you fill them and write them somewhere safe.

android locked device google account

iv) It would take a couple of minutes to change the password and you will then be able to unlock your device successfully.

2. Using Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

This feature is only valid for Samsung devices. So if you own a Samsung device this should be your first approach. Note that this method only works when you have your Samsung device registered with Samsung account and/or (not the Gmail account), otherwise it is of no use.

The process is as follows:

i) Go to the website ( It will ask you to enter your Samsung account details. As soon as you logged in, you will be able to see a (lock my screen) button on left hand side panel of the window.

Samsung Android Find My Mobile

ii) After clicking onto the button a window will popup allowing you to enter a new unlock PIN. In a minute or so you will be able to unlock the screen of your Samsung device with new unlock PIN as password.

3. Use the forgot pattern feature

This feature is available for the android devices running on Android 4.4 or lower android version. This method only works for pattern lock type, and not on any other type of lock.

i) When your device is locked first perform 5 failed attempts. Then you will see a message saying ‘Try again after 30 seconds’. At the bottom of this message there is a button that says ‘Forgot Pattern’.

android locked pattern

ii) After you click on the button (forgot pattern) it will ask you to type (Backup PIN) that you would have given at the time of setting up your lock pattern. After you type your backup pin correctly it will open your locked device.

android locked pattern

iii) In case you don’t remember the backup pin you can still unlock your device with your Google Gmail account. Signing in with the same login details as your device was logged will enable you to unlock the phone.

4. Through factory reset

The most important thing to keep in mind with this method is, even if you will be able to unlock your phone but your preserved data would be lost. This feature can be directly accessed but if your device is released after 2016 then it will ask your Google account details to exploit this method.

i) The process goes by switching your device completely off. And when the screen is totally black, press and hold volume down and power buttons simultaneously to open up Android’s bootloader menu.

locked android factory reset

ii) As the bootloader menu shows up, press the volume down twice to highlight the ‘Recovery mode’ option. Then press the power button to select it and you will enter into recovery mode.

locked android factory reset

iii) Use the volume down button as a direction key and highlight the ‘wipe data/factory reset’ option. Press the power to select it. The device will take 20-30 minutes to reset, and you will see a fresh device.

5. Using ADB by deleting the password file

Note that this method is only useful when the device has enabled USB debugging in the Android device’s developer menu. Apart from this it requires that you have previously allowed your device to be connected to your computer via ADB. You would be fortunate to follow this method if and only if these two conditions had already met before your device being locked out.

i) First download the Android SDK through link ( .com/sdk/index.html#Other) and extract it.

ii) Then plug your device to your computer through USB.

iii) Then go to the ADB installation directory. Then open the command prompt and type the command (adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key) and press enter.

iv) Just after typing the command disconnect your device from the computer and restart the device. This will allow complete access of your device.

android locked ADB by deleting password file

v) Note that this access is temporary so you should first set a new password for your device before it reboots and restore the previous password.

6. Through booting into safe mode to bypass third party lock screen

This method is applicable for breaching the lock screen of the third party app rather than the default/stock lock screen.

i) This would be done by booting the device in the safe mode. To go into the safe mode first bring up the power menu, then press and hold onto the power off option. A popup saying ‘Reboot to safe mode’ will show up. Pressing ‘ok’ will make the third party app disabled temporarily.

ii) Now you can either clear the data on the third party lock screen app or uninstall it. Then reboot the device to get out of safe mode. After reboot the third party app would be completely disappeared.

7. Crash the lock screen UI

Android devices running on Android 5.0-5.1.1 version have this feature. Note that this method only works for (password locks) and not for (PIN or Pattern locks). It might be possible that this attempt is not a success for all the devices but it worth the try.

i) Click onto the ’Emergency Call’ button as visible at the bottom of the screen, which opens the phone dialer.

ii) Type ten asterisks on the dialer. Select these asterisks by double tapping on them. A menu box will show up with a ‘copy’ option. Copy these ten asterisks and paste them right after the previous string of ten asterisks. Keep doing the same until you no longer can, which will results in a long string of asterisk characters on your dialer.

iii) Get back to the lock screen once again and open the camera through the shortcut. From here you will be able to open the notification bar/center. Tap on the (settings) button which will make you to enter a password.

iv) Paste that long string of asterisk characters that you have made earlier. Keep pasting until you end up crashing your lock screen. Consequently it will then give you access to your device’s interface.

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How ToLearning

How to design a logo like professional

color pschology

Do you have a competitor offering a similar or a related product? Or do you want your product to look more professional and unique? If yes, then you need to have a logo to identify your product.Here are some few reasons as to why you need design a logo.

  • A logo will help you to look professional.
  • It will make you stand out and distinguishes your product from your competitors by ensuring that your brand is unique.
  • A logo will always stick in the mind of your customer ensuring that they always remember you.
  • A logo will also make you look more qualified hence promoting your product.
  • A logo also attracts the attention of new customers hence promoting your product.
  • It also ensures consistency of your brand across the marketing platforms such as social media.


How to design a logo like professional?

As observed, a logo is an integral asset to any growing business. For the logo to accomplish its purpose, it must be done correctly so that the result will be appealing. A good logo should be versatile, appropriate, simple, memorable and independent of time. Here are the steps to follow while designing a logo.

1. Do some research

The first step is always getting information. What is the primary message that you want the logo to convey? Which is the primary goal that you want the logo to achieve? What is the status of your primary clients? Which are the best tools and software to use? What type of a logo do you want? Logos are classified into three; iconic, typographic and combination logo. Research will help you in choosing the type that suit your product. The combinational logo is the most effective especially for small businesses since it gives a unique symbol and a simple description.You can design a logo like professional. Nonetheless, through research, you will be able to create a logo that best suits your main clients concerning their gender, age, passion and more depending on your product. Also, your primary objective and message whether it is professionalism or uniqueness can only be achieved if you do research. It is good always to ensure that you identify other logos used for products which are similar to what you offer. Do you like the logos? Identify the strength and weaknesses of those logos. Knowing what your competitors have is crucial in helping you to decide and come up with an appropriate, unique, appealing and an easy to remember logo.

2. Make a sketch of your idea

After identifying what you want in your research, conceptualization is another essential step. Draw what you have in mind on a piece of paper or use a vector program. Sketching is crucial as it helps you to experiment different styles that you have hence coming up with the best design. In this step, you also determine the size of your logo. Freehand sketching is better in including the more delicate details which cannot be done using the software. While sketching, identify the aspects that separate your product from what is offered by your competitors and include it in your drawing. Since this is an experimental step, you should do many samples until you entirely transform your idea into what you want. Taking your time in this stage will ease your work in the steps that follow. Here are some reasons why sketching is essential.

  •  Sketching is used for exploring numerous options ensuring that only the best are incorporated in the final design.
  •  Sketching saves a significant amount of time when doing the final design.
  •  It also helps the designer to identify the best layout for the given logo.
  •  Sketching is a fast way of presenting a rough idea and improving on it through several trials.

3. Determine the color to use

The color of your logo plays an immense role in attracting the attention of your audience. The color should be one medium of conveying the message of what your product is all about. That being said, you should not choose a color because it’s your favorite; instead, the color should portray a specific aspect of your company or product. Color psychology is also an aspect to deliberate on while choosing your color to use. Every color mainly the primary and secondary colors has its meaning. For instance, blue means trusted, honest, calm and secure. Red is taken as bold, intense, passionate and active. Black is translated as sophisticated, stylish, authoritative and expensive. Knowing the color psychology will help to make the right decision concerning the product your company offers. Below are some notable logos which have utilized the color psychology.

4. Making the final design

Given that you have sketched the logo you want; the remaining part is putting everything together. At this point, you should choose a designer tool to use while creating your logo. Some of the prominent software you can use in your design are Adobe Illustrator and Logomaker. Choose the software that you are comfortable using. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a logo maker are:

  • Reputation, reviews and ratings from other customers who have used it before.
  • Availability of customer care and support either online or an attachment when purchasing the software.
  •  The software you choose should not be limited in terms of designs and layouts in order to meet your exact requirement.
  •  The logo maker you select should be user-friendly to ensure that your work will be professional and to save time while making the design.

Depending on the type of the logo, several procedures have to be followed to get the intended logo. Let’s consider the combinational mark as it includes both the iconic and typographic logos. The process of designing a logo is similar to all the software. Most software differs only in their layout. Below is the procedure to follow when making a combinational mark.

  •  Launch your software. This is simple, you just get the app from your computer and open it.
  •  The second thing is to choose the icon. Most designer software has more than a thousand icons. These icons are categorized according to item brands so all you need to do is to look for your category or search by keyword.
  •  Add your product or company name. Most designer tools have a text box, so you just need to click on it, choose the font that pairs with your icon style and type in the product or company name. the positioning of the name is very important. Always keep in mind that you are making the logo to promote your business and so it should be appealing.
  •  The other step is to modify your icon and product name. All the designer tools have the modifying tools section. Use the tools to change the color, change the font, increase character size, rotate the image, change the font among other things.You should adjust your logo until you attain the required specifications.
  •  After getting the required logo, the last step is saving your project.

As described above, designing a logo is not a hard task. All that is required is the knowledge of what is needed and following the simple steps. Nevertheless, several precautions have to be taken while designing the logo to attain maximum efficiency.

  • Your logo should not lose its definition after scaling. The logo should be effective while in use in large format and even after scaling it down into a small logo.
  •  Ensure that the color you use for your logo matches the color psychology and the product that your company develop. Also avoid using colors that are so bright and hard to see.
  • Make sure that the font you use is legible when reduced in size.
  • Do not use the most ordinary fonts to ensure that your logo is professional.
  • Consider your audience when making the logo. Remember that the sole purpose of the logo is to capture the attraction of your clients. Including what they are passionate about in the logo acts as an icebreaker for both parties.

In conclusion, it is essential to have a logo for your business. A logo can boost your business in a shorter time span as compared to other forms of marketing. It can inspire people making them try your product even though they never used to be your customers. As illustrated, to design a good, appealing, memorable and versatile logo, the simple steps have to be followed. You need to start with a detailed research to help you identify precisely what you need. You then need to sketch the layout of the logo. Don’t limit yourself while sketching, make the drawings until you get what you want. Sketches are most important because they are flexible; you can edit them whenever you want. You then need to identify the color to use in your logo. Research color psychology before you decide on the color which to use. You then specify the type of the logo that you want, choose fonts and modify the logo to get what you want.

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How to make your own new home designs (kitchen, interior, bathroom, furniture)


Be your own new home designs decor !!


The kitchen requires the most maintenance and everyday care, it suffers most from wear, has a very important function in our lives – for this reason, the kitchen is the most important and most expensive room when designing a home …

If you imagine your home as a big company, your kitchen is in that case an executive office. It is a place where daily important decisions and tasks are made, during breakfast, during a family dinner or during a weekend meal. Many tasks to do more on the refrigerator, and important dates are marked on the calendar in the kitchen – we can say that the kitchen is very important in our house. This is the place of meeting and the “traffic” zone, if you place an important note on the kitchen wall, you can be sure that everyone will see it. Satisfying the need for functionality and ergonomics is imperative when the kitchen is designed. Sometimes, wrongly designed kitchen can cause difficulties in realizing everyday tasks. Redesigning or installing a new kitchen is a major task that requires consideration of all aspects. Professional help is also welcome, if you want your kitchen to be functional.



When designing your dream kitchen, which will fit perfectly into your style and lifestyle, good planning is crucial. If you have a large family and prepare meals everyday, you will probably need a lot of work surfaces, double sinks, quality appliances, spacious pantry, smartly organized solutions …
The kitchen definitely does not need to be an item of savings, it is your priority. But if you’re used to preparing breakfast toast or preparing simple dishes for your friends from time to time and it’s your culinary range, opt for simpler and less ambitious kitchen designs. Consider saving your kitchen budget and investing in areas of high importance to you. You do not have to spend a fortune on the kitchen if it’s not an important place for your everyday routine. You will still have a nice and functional kitchen – and some additional spaces in your interior, where you will enjoy.

Think about adding other features in the kitchen and making the most of your space. Incorporate a small office, library or reading corner. These small kitchen ideas are especially effective when there is a lack of in this way you can get your new home designs of ketchen.


They were faced with the option of sacrificing their convenient location for more space. After spending eight whole years in this home, this couple – an architect and designer of jewelry – decided to expand in order to make enough room for their two children, but they also wanted to stay in the part of Brooklyn that they love and are admiring.
The original two-storey house was completely stripped and extended to four levels, by adding an additional bedroom in the upper part and creating a modern entrance hall beneath it. The affection of this house demanded that its design be effective and modest as far as space is concerned – every inch was of great importance.

Precise positioning of walls, doors and windows was crucial, because each floor was designed and designed to serve a particular purpose. The lowest level is now the entrance part, there is a storage room, a mechanical part and a laundry room; on the first floor there is an open plan space with a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a library that opens to the garden from its front and back; On the second level there are two children’s rooms, as well as a bathroom with two washbasins, while the highest level is the main bedroom with a bathroom, a balcony and a terrace.

The stylish steel staircase is moved to the southern part of this home, and now connects this whole space in a vertical line, while at the same time attracts more light and fresh air.

The materials used to design this home were modest, natural and irresistible: the roughness of raw steel and high-quality walnut are in juxtaposition with the simple refinement of Carrara marble and mat ceramic tiles.

The end result is a home that is not only bigger but also lively – filled with the ability to make something completely new and unexpected from can get beautiful new home designs of Interiors.


Often we are talking about retro, rustic and chic styles, but this time we will focus on modern decor …
A modern style of decor may be excessive, but today we will talk about beautiful modern bathrooms that can inspire you to arrange your space in the same way.
Modern decor has a clean and chic look, without excessive components or too daring colors, and it can be added to the interest of various attractive features, textures and metallic accents. We present a few perfect ideas with the help of which you can enter a modern decor in your bathroom in the right way.

Modern decor can use any color, but most often it is seen in neutral and black tones. Different shades of gray are welcome in every way and you can create different combinations with neutral and dark shades for better contrast. Go for a wholly white bathroom or something more masculine space and make it modern. To make your bathroom more hospitable, you can take advantage of various wooden items and details, and the wood tones should be warm, luminous or structural to make your ambience more hospitable.

Forms and textures
Make your bathroom much more attractive by adding patterns and textures to its space. Look for ceramic tiles with geo patterns and wooden elements that can make your bathroom look like a spa. Add to the full combination of several metallic accents and details that will ensure an interesting look of your space. Concrete, stone or marble represent the right materials needed to add textures, and you can also use recycled wood to create an accent wall or wooden bath to achieve an identical effect.


Accents in your modern bathroom can be matte black finish, metallic lamps, jute carpets, wooden chairs, a mirror with built-in lighting, furniture, and even a gorgeous bathtub in a matt black color or made of wood, which is a very popular trend today.


This interactive concept came from the desire to create a fun piece of furniture that is easy to use and can be used both in the outside and in the interior. The furniture was created with high quality standards, while the Since1984 team worked very hard to ensure that their product is adaptive, affordable, self-sustaining, innovative and functional.
The collection consists of seven unique pieces of furniture that can be placed in many ways, assembled and disassembled just like the tetris cubes. Since these components can be easily arranged and rearranged to fit individual needs, users can choose the forms of lightweight bookshelves, or lay them next to each other, creating an extremely unique coffee table. Earlier this year, Since1984 took home “Home Interior Products” award, which is awarded at the European Product Design event.
This furniture is ideal for small living areas, but its minimalist aesthetics and industrial feel can also work perfectly in galleries, shops, offices and environments of classrooms. In professional settings such as the last mentioned operating environments, Since1984 furniture modules can be used to create tables, but also entire office settings. If you really feel creative, you can re-arrange
these components from the collection so that you can experiment with your décor every day.
The entire point since1984 of the furniture collection is to encourage older ones to play, so all that is required is to allow your inner child to freely stand out with these very creative pieces.

Do not wait to start editing your house..

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How to apply makeup | makeup tutorial


Makeup is just like an art, see in this makeup tutorial, how to apply makeup beautifully on your skin, you have to learn correct methods and processes. Every art required attention to look beautiful and well handled so is the case with makeup.

In today’s era, there is a huge competition of makeup products, but they are of secondary importance, the primary importance gained by the best ways to apply it, we should know first that how perfectly we can deal with makeup. We can’t apply lipstick before foundation, eyeliner before eye shadow, foundation before concealer, like everything there are the right steps to apply makeup which you will read in this article.

How to apply makeup perfectly

It seems that, in the market every day, there is a new product, if you are crazy to try every product to look more perfect, you should also know the right method to handle it. In social media you see many models and actresses and you impressed by their looks and trendy makeup’s, you are also spending a lot of money to look like them, but still you didn’t get your destination to look perfect? Here is the solution of your all confusions regarding makeup.

Step 1: Moisturize your skin

how to apply makeup

You should select your moisturizer very carefully noticing that it has already SPF in it so that after moisturizing your skin, you have no need to use sun protection. Before moisturizing your skin, a separate eye cream is also worthwhile to protect the eye circle area because it is so much sensitive. Now after all these recommendation, apply moisturizer on your skin gently and put it on your skin in a right manner.
Don’t put you dirty finger in moisturizer to apply it on your skin, you must consider all the hygiene. Take a soft cotton and dip its one corner in moisturizer and then gently apply it on your skin for 30 seconds, then rinse it off gently.

Step 2: use a primer

how to apply makeup

A primer obviously leads to a makeup success. It creates a beautiful canvas for your foundation, afterwards even if you don’t use foundation, it soften the looks of your skin.
Take a required amount of primer, then gently massage it on your skin, cover your entire face with it and then bring it down towards your neck. While doing makeup you should focus on your skin tone of your face and neck, don’t ignore your neck, and keep applying products on neck as well to match it with skin of your face.

Step 3: Apply Foundation

how to apply makeup

If you want a light look, use tinted moisturizer instead of having high coverage foundation.
Every woman should have to foundations with her, one for light look to use usually for everyday, one for heavier looks for special photos capturing events.
The exact method to apply foundation is not to pus drops, till last drop, the first ones are dry. So the best solution is that take some foundation on your hand so that it warmed a little bit, then apply it with your fingers gently to all on your face and neck, keep focusing on jaw line, neck bones and nose.

Step 4: Apply Concealer

how to apply makeup

Concealer covers broken capillaries, dark circles and blemishes. Some women use concealer before foundation, some just goes through the foundation and don’t bother to use concealer; it depends on everyone’s skin tone and requirement. Never use concealer to whole of the eye area covered with it, just focus on the need, less is always good.

Get two shades of concealer, mix them both on back of your hand, and then apply first of all on chin to check the shade and then adjust the shade according to requirement. Now apply this mixture on the required area and blend it until it clears and match with your skin.

Step 5: Apply Face Powder

how to apply makeup

The function of face powder is basically to adjust your foundation and protects your skin to prevent it from getting too oily or shiny. It makes your skin soother and removes any little imperfections.
Experts suggest preferring a puff over brush to apply powder on skin. If you want to use some cream blush or highlighter, use them before applying powder, otherwise your blush or highlighter would be pilling up.

Step 6: Apply Eye Shadow

how to apply makeup

Before apply eye shadows, first apply an eye shadow primer. Remember one thing, dark eye shadows are perfect for corners of eyes, and light eye shadows are best for eye lids and eye brows bones. On eye shadow prime, creamy eye shadow is perfect for long lasting result over powdered eye shadow.
The method of applying is first of all blend eye shadow cream gently with your finger tip, and then apply eye shadow powder, prefer a brush over a sponge. Brush blends eye shadow more neatly. Start putting the color in the mid of the led, and then spread it with brush to the right then to left.
Experts suggests that, Before putting your actual color, spread a light color that matches your skin color to make the lid clean looking and clear.

Step 7: Apply Eye Liner

how to apply makeup

Eye liner gives a finishing look to your eyes, so the best method should be there to apply. Don’t give your eyes cat-eye looks or high graphic looks every day. Keep these looks save for some special events, normally casual eye liner looks good with light makeup, heavy liners seems awkward in casual look.
Well, the best method to apply liner is, starts from the edges og your lash, don’t start form center or corner, make a beautiful edge then go further though all your eye, it should be thick at edges and thin at mid and inner corner.
Inside your eye, don’t use liquid liner, it can cause an infection. You can use a pencil instead.

Step 8: Apply Mascara

First of all curl your lashes to gives them a finishing look, then apply mascara in three stages, first apply on the mid, then sides, and then on the baby lashes which are mostly unseen, experts says that these baby lashes on sides of your lid, are of great importance and applying mascara on the can give your eyes a charming look.

The method to apply mascara is, apply mascara in for one or two coats. Start from the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand a bit as you pull it up and out through the lashes. Use a light circular motion on baby lashes. Then, wipe off the wand and barely touch the bottom lashes.

Step 9: Apply Blush on

Blush makes your complexion radiant and alive. It’s not so difficult to apply on, put the color easily, more color is more beautiful. But once it is on the skin, it’s difficult to remove it back.
Don’t follow the counter suggestion on instagram or any other social media, just apply a color on your apple cheek, it’s like a flush! Apply only powder blush on your cheeks. If you want more color use a cream blush properly with your cheek bones and a highlighter.

Step 10: Apply Lipstick

Lip color expresses yourself more beautiful, a good color can change your overall look, apply different colors of lipsticks whatever you want, nudes, plums, red, lighters, darker! Life is too short; enjoy the beautiful color with your adventurous personality.
The best methods to apply lipstick on your lips is, first of all line up your lips, then fills them with lipstick, it all depends upon your choice. A standard lipstick style required you to put lipstick color in the middle of lower lip, then roll it with both of your lips to spread it naturally, then come back and add a bit more to your outer edges. For a beautiful shiny look, add some lip gloss or a petroleum jelly on the color.

Now pucker up; butter cup! Now you are ready to face the day with all shinny confidence.

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How to get Healthy skin


Our beautiful and clear skin reflects our overall beauty. In fact beauty wholly depends upon beautiful and healthy skin. So to have a healthy skin we must need to have a healthy body.

This is the dream of every person specially women, to have a beautiful, clear, healthy and younger looking skin.
To attain this dream, many of us try to use ant-aging creams and cosmetics, and most of the time we focus on costly products launched by some famous brands or companies, all these are for timely glow and beauty, but this is our foremost duty to think about what actually needs our body? Either it needs costly products or our sincere care?
To protect our skin from damage, pimples, acnes and black heads, we should consider that what is not good for skin or in other words what is harmful for it which damaging it. Here we have some reasons behind bad looking skin.

healthy skin

1) Lack of Hydration

healthy skin
Water is very necessary for our skin. As we drink water to get hydration for our body, just like that our skin also needs hydration. This is the best and natural food for our skin and we need food for our body. Drink water, a lot of water!! Just to make your skin beautiful and healthy. Less use of water can damage our skin.

2) Smoking habits
smoking cause non healthy skin
This is our fictional believe that smoking can reduce our stress, this is not the reality.

In fact this is really very dangerous for health as well as for skin.
The inhale of cigarette smoke, affects badly our liver and white cells in the blood, so overall this affects the health of body and skin as well.

So we abruptly should say “NO” to smoking.

3)Damage through Sun

healthy skin

The UV rays of sun are very harmful for our skin. It seems very good and enjoyable when we spend several hours in sun light, but afterwards when we see mirror our skin and face falls and looks dull, extra sun light is not good our pores of the skin, they starting fall and leads to a damage.
So the people who have to work or go in the sun light for some important purposes or for their work, must use sun protection products.

4) Lack of Exercise

excercise for healthy skin
When we didn’t move, our blood did not circulate in our whole body and did not approach every cell of the body even the skin cells. So in this way the luster of skin reduced and skin didn’t looks healthy and beautiful,

The other harm of skipping exercise from our routine is that we gain weight and we miss the tightness of our body, our fats loose as well as our skin.

5) Bad eating Habits

bad food non healthy skin
It is just like, “Tit For Tat”. Our skin is the result of our eating habits. It is the famous saying that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” so our selection of foods should be healthy including grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and water.

We should say good-bye to junk food and we should include fresh and healthy foods in our edibles.

Now there are some tips that how we can make our skin healthy and beautiful

Suggestion 1: Minimize your makeup habit

It is not important to always using blush on, concealer, eye shadows, and different layers of whitening bases. These all accessories gives our skin, shine and beauty and a clear skin, but temporarily. The consequences could be reversed, it can low the natural shine of our skin. We should consider only one thing, that either the natural shine of skin we have or not? The basic necessary is to have natural shine not the temporary one.

The all brands and companies are introducing costly products, please keep them away from your table, we didn’t say you to through them outside, but keep them for some special times, and be confidenet with your natural skin. Because no doubt the best makeup you can wear is the “confidence”.

Suggestion 2: skin cleansing

All the skin beauty researchers and skin care treatment experts suggest that we should make our skin completely clean after the makeups of parties.
The layer of makeup makes our pores clogged, so there is a need to make them free from all the germs and particles of chemical.

So if we sleep containing a lot of makeup on our skin, the next morning we will wake up with a huge embarrassment of having pimples.

Suggestion 3: Proper food, results healthy skin

Again we are on the point “we are what we eat” so we should plan our eating habit in a very healthy manner including healthy foods and skipping junk foods.
For younger looking skin, we should add following diet plan in our daily routine:

1. Vitamin C rich food

We should take veggies and fruits enriched with vitamin C. these types of foods leads healthy and glowing skin. Lake of vitamin C can cause the wrinkles in early age.

The foods enriches with vitamin C in your diet will cause your skin to be younger, and all the fine lines around eyes and lips. So use citrus fruits like orange, broccoli, strawberries and red grapes to tone up your healthy skin.

2. Vitamin A

We really want a smooth complexion?

If it is so, there is no need to move in search of a bundle of bucks, all we need to do is to open our refrigerator and make use of leafy veggies and red oranges. It is really very necessary for the cell formation of skin. In this ways the surface of our skin remains smooth and touchable.
Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and potatoes all these vegetables are healthy and useful for a healthy skin.

3. Including healthy fats

This is a great misconception that nuts are fatty and not good for health. Rather they are good fats which are necessary for our body and skin. Nuts are full of healthy Omega 3 acids. This comes under the category of healthy fats. .

We must have a quality amount of walnuts, and almonds daily for a clear complexion and skin.
If we are vegetarian we can include Salmon fish in our diet, this is also highly enriched with Omega 3.
Besides this we should also aware of the oil in which we are cooking our food, skip all the unhealthy oil from your routine and move towards the extra virgin olive oil, this is enriched with mono-unsaturated fat which can cause the glow of your skin.

4. zinc and Iron

Lean meat, oyster and eggs are highly enriches with Iron and Zinc, that can give your skin a celebrity like glow, and highly needed by our body and healthy skin.
Zinc can repair the dead cells of our body and gives to skin a fresh look. To carry oxygen to all cells of the body, Iron is needed so much for our skin cells and healthy skin.

5. Fiber

It we are facing Acnes, so it’s time to think about Fiber enriched foods to include in our daily routine.

If we are facing digestion problems, as digestion problem is also a great cause of bad skin, so to avoid this we should include fiber enriched food in our diet like whole grain bread, bananas, apples brown rice, and oatmeal.

6. Intake of water

Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations, but if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation in about 8 eight-ounce a day. To be healthy and fit, the intake of water is very necessary; it is good for allover body and skin as well. Institute of health and recommendation also suggest almost 1.9 liter intake water daily.

This is not an only estimate for everyone, we all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement in other words, as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit. The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.

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5 ways how to have good healthy body


A good health leads towards successful life

Today’s world is much busy and hectic, all the works which are important now a day needs, fresh mind with good health which further leads to the idea that how we can do our work properly and actively and how we can manage our health as well. This all is have to decide by our mind that how to understand do’s and don’ts. In the modern world the work is more by mind that needs to manage body and your physical strength. That’s why most of the people have gone to that routine in which they move very little and gain weight. This is the general problem in human now a day. So it’s all depends upon our choice that how we can be efficient in using our mind and how we become successful to manage the health of our body.

good health

The most important thing in the world is health. We can maintain it in many ways depending on our variety of choice. In this matter we can focus on the three things to look seriously upon, our routine, diet and life style.
The intake of proper diet, habit of regular exercise, and important changes in the life style are really very essential for a good health. If we are not taking a proper and healthy diet, the result would be bad and we will gain weight and many other problems like this. if we have not a good routine including a proper exercise, then our muscles and joints would be effected, the result is pain and laziness and again the reason to gain extra fats and most essentially if we are having a improper life style, in result we will have a bad health overall.
This article is all about the ways to maintain a healthy body, here we will guide you how we can manage our diet, exercise routine and life style in this hectic world of stress and under heavy workload.

There are five basic ways by which we can manage our body to make it health

1. Healthy Eating Habits

good health

Healthy diet is really very important to remain healthy. As it a famous saying,

You are what you eat

To maintain a healthy diet, first of all we should keep in mind that how many calories our body need in a day. To count calories is a good measure to manage the food and weight gain. If we will consume more calories, there are risks of increases in blood pressure, heart problems and increase in cholesterol. According to health and food researchers, for a healthy body, 2000 calories per day are necessary.

good health

Besides a healthy diet, we should also plan that either we are consuming the food or not? And we should keep in mind that taking a healthy diet means that we are including in our diet 3 to 4 servings of protein, green vegetables, vegetable salad, 5 to 6 servings of fresh fruits, and 2 to 3 servings of grain.

2. Intake of Water

good health
Water is very necessary for to maintain a healthy body. Intake of water is essential in many ways; first of all it is really very beneficial for our skin, and overall digestion system. Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations, but if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation in about 8 eight-ounce a day. To be healthy and fit, the intake of water is very necessary; it is good for allover body and skin as well. Institute of health and recommendation also suggest almost 1.9 liter intake water daily. This is not an only estimate for everyone, we all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement in other words, as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit. The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.

So the intake of water and awareness of it, is very necessary to maintain the fitness level, we call also lose weight problems with extra intake as water is more than good for our body, head to toe we need water for our every part of body to work efficiently and to remain healthy and fit.
Every time we use to hear the advice that drink 8 ounce water per day, but it depends on the condition of our surrounding environment and our body hydration level. May be its good for some people to have less than 8 ounce, and may be some need more than to 8 ounce to keep their fitness healthy and leveled.
• The need of water depends upon various factors:
• Health requirements
• Atmospheres
• Workouts
• Breast feeding or in situation of pregnancy
• For keeping body properly dehydrated
So ignoring the needs, there are a bundle of benefits of water intake; water is itself the sign of freshness and beauty!
• As much as water we will drink, there would be more need of urination, and with urination system the waste of our body discharged,
• The perspiration and bowl movement also bifacial for overall body.
• The temperature of our body remains calm and normal.
• Good for joints.
• Sensitive tissues are protected

3. Exercise routine

good health
Exercise is really very necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Daily exercise is important to consume all the calories which we are taking so that they could not store in our body in shape of fats. Besides this, daily exercise makes our body strong and active; it reduces muscles pain and keeps body fit and sturdy. Requirement of exercise is also different for different people regarding their weight; some people with heavy weight needs more exercise and 2 to 3 hours of workout including rest sessions. But normally a person with average weight needs a workout of one hour daily.
The start of exercise should be from cardio exercises like jogging, skipping, aerobics and cardiovascular. These types of exercises help to active body, blood movement and for warm ups.
Besides a proper exercise we should also keeps in mind one important thing, “movement” we should keep our body in movement, don’t stick at one place for several hours.

4. Controlling the timings or eating

good health
The foods used in moderation are most probably helps us and effects us in beneficial way. If we are not taking the food on right time, even the good food can be harmful for us.
The time and quantity of food is very necessary to maintain. In morning time we should take a complete and healthy diet full of proteins. But the people having habit to eat late night are on the wrong way. Late night parties and team dinners are so much popular now days. The imbalance amount of food and imbalance timing affect our health a lot.

There is need to intake much calories in morning and afternoon so that our body remains powerful to do a lot of works and activities, our muscles in day time are active and they consume all these calories, but the intake of heavy food at night times cause bad affects, because at night time, muscles are inactive and the calories didn’t consume and they remain in our body in face of extra fats.

5. Healthy sleep

good health
Beside the healthy sleep, there is also need to low our stress, and manage our stressing situations.
The work load and all the time working can makes a person tired physically and mentally. So outing is very necessary in life, to go outside and have a calm time to enjoy the weather, good food and to enjoy yourself. Break is very necessary.

So, these are the five ways to maintain a healthy and strong body.

To maintain a healthy body, changes in our life style are really very important. All bad habits like, eating a lot, smoking, drinking, and junk food should be stop at once. Our decisions and our thinking matter when we try to manage our life style. The enough and a calm sleep is really very necessary to maintain a healthy body.


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How ToMobile

How to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and edge


How to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and edge:

1. Tweak automatic brightness slider

Samsung devices allow users to set brightness even when under automatic mode.This feature is very good, as your phone still have adapting to your surroundings to auto change brightness.And as you should know, the display is consume battery more so it should be set to automatic mode but best if you set to 15-20% brightness without auto mode.

A simple, but efficient fix. A good start!

2. Work the radios!

Mobile data also consume more battery.But if you need it all the time, so it makes no sense to turn it off unless it is an emergency.If you still want to optimize battery while mobile data is turned on then, all you have to do is optimizing your usage of networks.

It’s pretty simple. By default, your phone will be  setup to a 3G or LTE network.if your usage is only e-mail sync and some Facebook Messenger/Viber here and there then switch to 2G GSM network which will work great if you want to optimize battery.All you need is a tiny widget on your homescreen to quickly switch “2G/3G/LTE network.

3. Smart stay

Smart stay is battery consuming feature that allows your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to detect your eyes when you are looking at your display. If you are looking then screen will never timeout and go to sleep as long as your eyes are on display.

Turn off smart stay if you are not using because its battery consuming.

4. Screen timeout

Don’t set too long timeout for the display. This won’t save you battery all the time.

Best option to save battery is to move down to like 30 seconds or less.

5. Always On Display

Turn On “Always ON Display”

As for notifications,Always On Display actually useful.

6. Turn off the LED indicator

The LED indicator is located on the top left of your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge and used by the phone to alert you unread notification.

Turning off this LED Lamp can save you battery.

7. Keep screen turned off in the dark

Keep screen turned off is a feature on Samsung devices which recognize when mobile is inside a pocket or a bag and shouldn’t be turning on in the event of an accidental button press in the pocket or bag.

This will not only save you from butt-dialing people, but also help your battery life.

8. Rid yourself of those silly gestures

Turn off all gestures which you are not using.

Turning off all will be best to save you battery.

9. Go dark!

Due to Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, the color white consume more battery.

Use black theme or black wallpaper can save you battery.

It really is as simple as that!

10. Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are always on, even when they’re not

If your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are off, they’re not. This is because of a service used to improve the accuracy of location which is enabled on your phone by default and consume your battery.

Turn off wifi and bluetooth.

Set gps only on Location Accuracy without using wifi and bluetooth to save your battery.

11. Nearby device scanning

Nearby device scanning also drain you battery. It automatically scan for nearby devices at all times which consume battery.

Go to Settings > More connection settings > Nearby device scanning.

Turn off nearby device scanning.

12. App power saving

Another feature on your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is App power saving which help your battery long timing.

Go to Settings > Battery > App power saving (tap on DETAIL).From there select all apps to save power except SMS app because sms notification is important for me all the time.

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