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Ultimate Tutorial: How to Take Good Pictures

how to take best pictures


We can use our Phone , Digital or DSRL camera to take good pictures.Best photo will be captured when we will keep many things in our mind like sunlight,pose,filters and camera angle before taking picture.Social network is part of our daily life and we used to update our photo daily. facebook and Instagram gives you best platform which can be used to showcase your all photos using the square format and also allow using hashtagging skills. These photographs are different types like  selfie,group photo,nature or food. People having millions of followers on facebook and instagram so our photo should be perfectly captured before posting on social network.So I think , there are 2 kinds of posts, selfies and everything else we capture.


Photography is just like painting colors with light. You don’t shoot all this things, You capture them using camera. You just paint a picture to the things you see only by adding light.

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