Its Brain Games,If you are having difficulty to get more work done in the day then follow these five tips this will help you to hack your productivity.


[Brain Games]Ways to hack your productivity

If you are feeling that your don’t have much time for work then there are ways to “hack” your productivity to get worked as you want. New York NeuroLeadership Institute Research Director and NeuroCoach Josh Davis applies neuroscience and psychology to help you all to hack your brain for productivity.


Establish your schedule

The human mind always work best when he know coming time.It’s good to schedule your time in case anything unexpected comes up. you have to make priorities before you start your day so that you can avoid wasting time trying.It will tell you what to do after one task is completed.

You write it down in a notebook or set task reminder on your mobile which will help you.Also taking break for sometime after one task is completed will boost up for next task.


Manage your mental energy

You have mental energy which you can give for a day. And this is important for you.You should think about your all day tasks and manage your mental energy and also take meal in time to get energy.

you should also do exercise it fresh you and give you some energy.managing your mind and wasting your energy will weak you and stop you from coming tasks.

Make your decisions in night not in morning which will help you to manage mind energy.And put major tasks at the top of your list in that way you can work with a fresh mind.


Eliminate distractions

Your working mind memory is like a computer. If you leave open bunch of tabs or inactive programs on background of your are wasting precious memory that can be used to handle whatever you are doing in forefront. Its same for your brain also don’t waste your mind energy by thinking about stuff which is not should free your mind to get work

After you finish your task try to get some energy by checking your facebook,emails.And don’t get mad at yourself when your mind wanders, make it back without scolding yourself or stop thinking which distract you. It will help you from distractions and you can be back to task.


Get mindful of healthy habits

Make habit of Exercise and take good meals.Prepare your meal for the day which include vegetables, proteins, fruits and healthy fats.Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine. caffeine can have negatively impact productivity.your morning cup of coffee should also simply.

Workout before you go for office. It will boost your health and exercise can also improve your mental health.You will be focused and stayed on task.


Tailor your workspace

what is working for others does means that it will work for you also.That’s why it’s important to figure out how to make your working environment,which will fit you and make you feel comfortable.if you work in an open environment or environment where groups works together.This will damage your productivity. But if you can’t get office or some privacy then try some noise-cancelling headphones which will help you to ignore whats going on around you and you can concentrate on your work.

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