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Today’s world is much busy and hectic, all the works which are important now a day needs, fresh mind with good health which further leads to the idea that how we can do our work properly and actively and how we can manage our health as well. This all is have to decide by our mind that how to understand do’s and don’ts. In the modern world the work is more by mind that needs to manage body and your physical strength. That’s why most of the people have gone to that routine in which they move very little and gain weight. This is the general problem in human now a day. So it’s all depends upon our choice that how we can be efficient in using our mind and how we become successful to manage the health of our body.

good health

The most important thing in the world is health. We can maintain it in many ways depending on our variety of choice. In this matter we can focus on the three things to look seriously upon, our routine, diet and life style.
The intake of proper diet, habit of regular exercise, and important changes in the life style are really very essential for a good health. If we are not taking a proper and healthy diet, the result would be bad and we will gain weight and many other problems like this. if we have not a good routine including a proper exercise, then our muscles and joints would be effected, the result is pain and laziness and again the reason to gain extra fats and most essentially if we are having a improper life style, in result we will have a bad health overall.
This article is all about the ways to maintain a healthy body, here we will guide you how we can manage our diet, exercise routine and life style in this hectic world of stress and under heavy workload.

There are five basic ways by which we can manage our body to make it health

1. Healthy Eating Habits

good health

Healthy diet is really very important to remain healthy. As it a famous saying,

You are what you eat

To maintain a healthy diet, first of all we should keep in mind that how many calories our body need in a day. To count calories is a good measure to manage the food and weight gain. If we will consume more calories, there are risks of increases in blood pressure, heart problems and increase in cholesterol. According to health and food researchers, for a healthy body, 2000 calories per day are necessary.

good health

Besides a healthy diet, we should also plan that either we are consuming the food or not? And we should keep in mind that taking a healthy diet means that we are including in our diet 3 to 4 servings of protein, green vegetables, vegetable salad, 5 to 6 servings of fresh fruits, and 2 to 3 servings of grain.

2. Intake of Water

good health
Water is very necessary for to maintain a healthy body. Intake of water is essential in many ways; first of all it is really very beneficial for our skin, and overall digestion system. Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations, but if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation in about 8 eight-ounce a day. To be healthy and fit, the intake of water is very necessary; it is good for allover body and skin as well. Institute of health and recommendation also suggest almost 1.9 liter intake water daily. This is not an only estimate for everyone, we all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement in other words, as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit. The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.

So the intake of water and awareness of it, is very necessary to maintain the fitness level, we call also lose weight problems with extra intake as water is more than good for our body, head to toe we need water for our every part of body to work efficiently and to remain healthy and fit.
Every time we use to hear the advice that drink 8 ounce water per day, but it depends on the condition of our surrounding environment and our body hydration level. May be its good for some people to have less than 8 ounce, and may be some need more than to 8 ounce to keep their fitness healthy and leveled.
• The need of water depends upon various factors:
• Health requirements
• Atmospheres
• Workouts
• Breast feeding or in situation of pregnancy
• For keeping body properly dehydrated
So ignoring the needs, there are a bundle of benefits of water intake; water is itself the sign of freshness and beauty!
• As much as water we will drink, there would be more need of urination, and with urination system the waste of our body discharged,
• The perspiration and bowl movement also bifacial for overall body.
• The temperature of our body remains calm and normal.
• Good for joints.
• Sensitive tissues are protected

3. Exercise routine

good health
Exercise is really very necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Daily exercise is important to consume all the calories which we are taking so that they could not store in our body in shape of fats. Besides this, daily exercise makes our body strong and active; it reduces muscles pain and keeps body fit and sturdy. Requirement of exercise is also different for different people regarding their weight; some people with heavy weight needs more exercise and 2 to 3 hours of workout including rest sessions. But normally a person with average weight needs a workout of one hour daily.
The start of exercise should be from cardio exercises like jogging, skipping, aerobics and cardiovascular. These types of exercises help to active body, blood movement and for warm ups.
Besides a proper exercise we should also keeps in mind one important thing, “movement” we should keep our body in movement, don’t stick at one place for several hours.

4. Controlling the timings or eating

good health
The foods used in moderation are most probably helps us and effects us in beneficial way. If we are not taking the food on right time, even the good food can be harmful for us.
The time and quantity of food is very necessary to maintain. In morning time we should take a complete and healthy diet full of proteins. But the people having habit to eat late night are on the wrong way. Late night parties and team dinners are so much popular now days. The imbalance amount of food and imbalance timing affect our health a lot.

There is need to intake much calories in morning and afternoon so that our body remains powerful to do a lot of works and activities, our muscles in day time are active and they consume all these calories, but the intake of heavy food at night times cause bad affects, because at night time, muscles are inactive and the calories didn’t consume and they remain in our body in face of extra fats.

5. Healthy sleep

good health
Beside the healthy sleep, there is also need to low our stress, and manage our stressing situations.
The work load and all the time working can makes a person tired physically and mentally. So outing is very necessary in life, to go outside and have a calm time to enjoy the weather, good food and to enjoy yourself. Break is very necessary.

So, these are the five ways to maintain a healthy and strong body.

To maintain a healthy body, changes in our life style are really very important. All bad habits like, eating a lot, smoking, drinking, and junk food should be stop at once. Our decisions and our thinking matter when we try to manage our life style. The enough and a calm sleep is really very necessary to maintain a healthy body.


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