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5 natural ways to make your hair grow thick | Hair growth tips

hair growth tips

5 natural ways to make your hair grow thick | Hair growth tips

Hair are always considered as reflection of individual’s personality. Woman’s hair is a symbol of her beauty, freedom and femininity. Generally females are very conscious about their hair. Hair issues like dry, frizzy dull hair upsets them a lot. Most of the women dream about having strong and shiny hair. Well, in the real world things are quite different. Busy schedules and selection of certain kind of lifestyle are resulting in weak hair. Today most of the female complaints about different kinds of hair problems: dry hair, hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp to name a few. Humidity, pollution, usage of various chemicals, diet and individual’s health are some of major causes of weak hair.Follow our natural hair growth tips.

By performing few simple tests at home, one can check whether hair is weak or not.

• First test involves wrapping of hair around the finger. Once wrapping is done check for the number of lifted ends. If lifted hair turn out to be too many in number then it shows that the hair is weak as well as damaged.

• Second test is breakage test. This involves pulling a strand of hair from both sides, if hair breaks easily it signifies weak hair and hence demands immediate action.

Before starting the treatment for strengthening of hair , it is very important to find the real reason behind hair damage. Some of the hair damage causes are mentioned below.

1)  Causes of hair damage

The dermatologist are still not sure and unable to pinpoint on to a singular reason of hair damage and hair loss. In true sense the reasons for hair loss varies from sex to sex and in fact person to person. The causes of hair damage and hair loss in mails can still be collaborated however in females the causes are so vivid that a concise list is still not confirmed. Some of the major contributory factors of hair loss are as follows.

1. Genetic disorder. Genes are one of the biggest contributory factor ,for our appearance, skin color, texture hair color etc. the texture of hair of the parents is passed on to the siblings and along with it the genetic disorders like thin hair, irregular hair texture etc. these factors become major reason for hair damage and hair fall.

2. Drugs. The regular use of drugs has been found to be one of the major reasons for hair damage. The intake of prescribed drugs can cause temporary or even permanent damage to hair. Some treatments like chemotherapy causes complete hair loss.

3. Colorings. Cuticle is the wall like outer layer of the hair, the main purpose of the cuticle is to protect the hair from external damage. The use of colors, dyes, chemical components or changing the hair texture damages the cuticle. Once the cuticle is damaged the hair is left unprotected and becomes weak, thus causing hair damage and hair loss.

4. Trichotillomania. Hair loss caused by extensive pulling of hair. Trichotillomania generally starts at beginning of the puberty. Once started this continues throughout adulthood. Compulsive pulling of hair may result in permanent root damage which will further result in permanent hair loss.

5. Protein deficiency: Protein deficiency in the body is one of major reason for hair fall. Proteins are very important for hair, as hair follicles are made up of proteins. Protein deficiency in body will make hair weak and result in hair fall.

6. Hormone imbalance: At various stages of life our body goes through various changes. Sometimes these changes result in hormonal imbalance in the body. Hormonal imbalances caused due to thyroid or menopause can be another reason for weak hair.

7. Lack of balanced diet: Balanced diet is not only important for growth of the body , it is also very important for hair growth. Like our body, our hair also needs various vitamins and minerals to remain healthy.

Above said points are some of the major reasons that results in weak hair which further causes hair fall. To get stronger hair, it is important to avoid above causes (whichever possible) and treatment should be taken if necessary( hormonal imbalance, thyroid). However there are various methods by which the hair fall can be reduced and hair can be made stronger again.Our Natural hair growth tips will help you to make your hair grow thick.

2) How to make hair stronger?

It is part of natural hair growth cycle to loose about 100 strands of hair each day. Any loss more than this indicates that the hair are unhealthy and requires immediate attention. Achieving a strong, healthier and long hair is a disciplined process involving healthy foods, taking care of hair, use of high quality shampoos, natural conditioners, etc. it takes a dedicated effort to get stronger and longer hair.

Like plants human hair also have roots, all the nourishment reaches hair follicles through these roots. Strengthening of these roots automatically results in strong and healthy hair. It is not always necessary to opt for chemical based solutions. No matter what, underlying truth is chemicals do harm scalp in long run.

There are number of natural methods which does wonders as far as strengthening of hair is concerned. The natural treatment are very good for hair as they does not have any hidden side affect.
These treatments aim at solving the root cause of the problem hence giving better and long term results. Natural treatment of hair is a vast topic as there are hundreds of treatment available for various hair problems. These treatments involves use of different types of oils for massages, preparing different kinds of hair masks, using plants like Hibiscus, rose, aloe Vera etc, to treat hair problems, the list is endless.
Though it may sound difficult, however here is a list of 5 natural ways of getting stronger hair.

3) Balanced diet

Healthy and nutrient rich food is very important for healthy body as well as healthy hair. Addition of fruits, vegetables and protein rich food in diet helps a lot in making hair stronger. Healthy food is main part for natural hair growth tips.Various nutrient needed for stronger hair are as follow

1. Protein: Proteins form the building blocks for hair. Hence protein rich diet is very important for strong hair. Egg, chicken, Greek yogurt, nuts and legumes are all protein rich foods.

2. Iron: Nutrients reach the roots of hair, as well hair follicle through blood. Iron being important component in blood making becomes important for healthy hair also. Lack of iron in diet will result in anemia which will further causes hair loss. Green leafy vegetables, soya beans, shellfish, red meat and lentils are very good source of iron. Adding of iron rich food in diet will improve the blood supply which will further result in stronger hair roots.

3. Vitamin c: Vitamin C is an antioxidant and also helps in absorption of iron. Almost all citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, Indian gooseberry,etc. are rich in Vitamin C.

4. Other vitamin and minerals like omega-3, vitamin E, beta carotene, zinc and Biotin helps in keeping hair hydrated and shiny.

4) Drinking water

Water is life line of the body. Almost 25% of weight of hair strand constituted by water. Drinking enough water is very important for strong hair. Increase in intake of water results in thicker, softer and moisturised hair. All this will further result in hair growth. Hair are not the vital organ of the body as a hair are the last one to get the nutrients’ from the body. Hence, less water intake may result in dehydration which will result in drier scalp and dry hair.water is very important in our natural hair growth tips.

5) Reduce stress

One of the major reason for weak hair is stress. Stress harms the scalp . Stress affect hormone which further triggers flaking and results in itching .This flaking/ dandruff causes hair loss. There are various natural means by which stress can be reduced. Some of them includes exercising regularly and most important is having peaceful sleep for at least 7 hours. There is a valid reason behind calling sleep “Beauty sleep”. Doing these things relaxes the mind as well as body. Medication is another stress relieving exercise. Sometimes taking bath, going for shopping, meeting friends act as good stress relievers.

6) Regular exercise

Regular exercise/ workout helps in making hair stronger. Exercise increases blood circulation, as a result of which flow of blood to scalp also increases. Increase in blood supply results in increase in supply of nutrients to the hair roots. As a result, hair roots becomes much stronger. Sweating during the exercises helps in unclogging hair follicles from dirt or dead skin. Unclogging results in new hair growth.

7) Massaging scalp

Scalp massage stimulates growth of hair. Scalp massage increases flow of blood to the scalp, this results in the increase in nutrient supply to hair follicles. Higher blood flow results in higher amount of oxygen reaching hair follicles which is very important for strong hair. Massing scalp with oil nourishes the scalp and strengthen hair. Oils such as coconut, olive or another essential oils can be used for the massage. Massaging with the oil also helps in resolving various hair issues like dry scalp, dry hair and dandruff. Massage can be done by hands or even by using hair massaging brush. Hair massaging is very simple and if done regularly , results are awesome. While massaging its important to press the pressure points. This further stimulates hair growth.

Thick , smooth and silky hair always make a statement. Various home remedies as well as natural treatments helps in fulfilling the desire of beautiful hair. For satisfying results these treatments should be used regularly. Use of chemicals not only harm hair but also harms the environment.

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