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Our beautiful and clear skin reflects our overall beauty. In fact beauty wholly depends upon beautiful and healthy skin. So to have a healthy skin we must need to have a healthy body. So we need to manage our overall routine and diet to make our skin naturally beautiful and glowing.
This is the dream of every person specially women, to have a clear, healthy and younger beautiful glowing skin.

To attain this dream, many of us try to use ant-aging creams and cosmetics, and most of the time we focus on costly products launched by some famous brands or companies, all these are for timely glow and beauty, but this is our foremost duty to think about what actually needs our body? Either it needs costly products or our sincere care?

To protect our skin from damage, pimples, acnes and black heads, we should consider that what is not good for skin or in other words what is harmful for it which damaging it. Here we have some reasons behind bad looking skin.

There are simply 5 ways through which we can get beautiful glowing skin

1) Drink up

Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations, but if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation in about 8 eight-ounce a day. To be healthy and fit, the intake of water is very necessary; it is good for allover body and skin as well. Institute of health and recommendation also suggest almost 1.9 liter intake water daily. This is not an only estimate for everyone, we all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement in other words, as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit. The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.
So the intake of water and awareness of it, is very necessary to maintain the fitness level, we call also lose weight problems with extra intake as water is more than good for our body, head to toe we need water for our every part of body to work efficiently and to remain healthy and fit.
Every time we use to hear the advice that drink 8 ounce water per day, but it depends on the condition of our surrounding environment and our body hydration level.Water is very important for beautiful glowing skin.

2) Eat a Healthy Diet

5 easy ways to get beautiful glowing skin

It is just like, “Tit For Tat”. Our skin is the result of our eating habits. It is the famous saying that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” so our selection of foods should be healthy including grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and water.

So we should plan our eating habit in a very healthy manner including healthy foods and skipping junk foods.
For younger looking beautiful glowing skin, we should add following diet plan in our daily routine:
1) Vitamin C rich food
2) Vitamin A
3) Including healthy fats
4) Zinc and Iron
5) Fiber

3) Eat Less Sugar and Salt

Try to consume less than 45g of sugar on a daily basis, and cut down on salty foods. Eating too much salt can make your face look bloated.
We are not suggesting you to skip sugar from your life at all, but to manage the level is necessary for skin and even for all your healthy body, instead of pouring 3-4 spoons of sugar into your drink or coffee, you can reduce it to 2 spoon, then gradually to 1 spoon, and then to half spoon. In this ways it will becomes habitual to you to intake less sugar in your diet.
Same is the case with salt, in our meals salt plays a very important role no doubt, but we can manage with it in many other ways. We can avoid using salt on salads and fruits, and we should enjoy the natural taste of fruits and vegetables without any salt and sugar.

4) Take healthy Vitamins

if you are less foodie or non vegetarian, then there is a good replacement of veggies in shape of different multi vitamins, you should take healthy multi vitamins on daily basis, after the recommendation and consultation of your doctor.
They play an important role in your busy and hectic life. Now a day the people are so much busy in their works and different activities that they have no time to manage properly their diet regarding the requirement of the vitamins which our body needs, so the solution is we can take vitamin to overcome all these type of need.
Sometimes the season’s affects or the availability of foods affects our health routine, as we can’t take a good amount of fish in summer season, or a good amount of oranges in hot seasons, we can replace all these healthy foods with healthy vitamins.

5) Work out daily

When we didn’t move, our blood did not circulate in our whole body and did not approach every cell of the body even the skin cells. So in this way the luster of skin reduced and skin didn’t looks healthy and beautiful.

The other harm of skipping exercise from our routine is that we gain weight and we miss the tightness of our body, our fats loose as well as our skin.
Follow the suggestion and experience a healthy skin!

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