Many of your girls now a day can’t even imagine their day without makeup, every day you starts your day with a beautiful mask of make up on your faces, and feels good and confident.We should use natural beauty tips to look naturally beautiful.Today’s topic might seem scary to some girls, to be beautiful without makeup? Is it not impossible?

Mostly girls thought that it’s a bad idea to go outside or for shopping without makeup! Or it’s a big nonsense to consider you beautiful without makeup. Media forces us to believe that women without makeup can’t look beautiful and attractive. Makeup is some kind of a responsibility that we have takes on our lives, but it’s a good idea to feel free without makeup sometimes, as everyone in the world requires a vacation, our skin also required a break from these makeup products. We don’t suggests you to pick all the makeup products and through them in the dustbin. But a vacation, a break!!
Enjoy some makeup-free days by taking care of natural and God gifted blessing like skin, hair and your body.

5 Best beauty tips how you can looks naturally beautiful


1. Feel beautiful (even without makeup) and be Transparent

Your first step starts from your inner self; you can feel beautiful without makeup to create an inner satisfaction of being beautiful and unique.
Try to believe yourself!
How do you feel about yourself inside, feel beautiful! Yes right now, believe yourself that you are pretty! If you consider yourself beautiful and create a standard perception of yourself, and have believe on yourself that you are pretty unconditionally, and then the world would also see you same like this and believes your beautiful soul, yes! It’s just as simple. As it is said that “the most beautiful dress you can wear is your confidence” so be confident about your personality.

2. Take care of your skin and hair

ways to take care of your skin

Our beautiful and clear skin reflects our overall beauty. In fact beauty wholly depends upon beautiful and healthy skin. So to have a healthy skin we must need to have a healthy body.we should only use natural beauty tips for our skin.

This is the dream of every person specially women, to have a beautiful, clear, healthy and younger looking skin.
To attain this dream, many of us try to use ant-aging creams and cosmetics, and most of the time we focus on costly products launched by some famous brands or companies, all these are for timely glow and beauty, but this is our foremost duty to think about what actually needs our body? Either it needs costly products or our sincere care?

To protect our skin from damage, pimples, acnes and black heads, we should consider that what is not good for skin or in other words what is harmful for it which damaging it. Here we have some reasons behind bad looking skin.

Like your skin, your Hair also takes part in your beautiful and attractive looks; you should also need to take much care of your hair. Try to keep your hair color close to natural. If you are using sharp hair colors like blue, green, and purple, it can cause an imperfection to your face and also can gain attention.
Don’t wash your hair regularly, it’s good to wash them twice a week, do conditioning of your hair with good hair care products. When you are choosing products, always try to choose written “natural” on them.

No hair style can be beautiful and attractive than silky and naturally shining hair.

3. Try to enhance the beauty of your natural Eyebrows

 eye shadow

When we get ready for a function sometimes, we try to give our face different proportions to make it more beautiful and attractive.
But to be naturally beautiful is a gift for you, to be attractive without much effort and money to spend. Try to make prominent your natural features by managing them beautifully and taking care of them,
Look in the mirror and notice the natural shape of your eyebrows, if you over-plucked them, then try to grow them back (apply natural oils on your eyebrows every evening; use castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil or burdock root oil) and then, shape your brows once and for all with the help of a professional, or with the help of YouTube.

If your eyebrows are light and you mostly draw them with a pencil, try semi-permanent brow coloration in a salon instead. This idea will look more natural, so that your makeup-free face with well defined and beautiful eyebrows will instantly look more attractive.
Here is another tip on how to make your natural eyebrows grow: apply a mixture of castor oil and sweet almond oil on our brows every evening before going to sleep; do it for one or two months and see wonderful results!

4. Eat Healthy, Drink Healthy

beauty skin


It is just like, “Tit For Tat”. Our skin is the result of our eating habits. It is the famous saying that “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” so our selection of foods should be healthy including grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and water.

So we should plan our eating habit in a very healthy manner including healthy foods and skipping junk foods.
For younger looking skin and a beautiful face, we should add following diet plan in our daily routine:

1)  Vitamin C rich food
2) Vitamin A
3) Including healthy fats
4) Zinc and Iron
5) Fiber

drink water for skin

Water is good for us, how much? We can’t even imagine. It refreshes us from inside, good for a healthy body, a healthy skin, if everything is healthy so we are naturally beautiful.
Everyone holds different point of views regarding the quantity of water which our body needs per day, it’s vary according to our body situations, but if we talk about on general basis the most recommendation in about 8 eight-ounce a day. To be healthy and fit, the intake of water is very necessary; it is good for allover body and skin as well. Institute of health and recommendation also suggest almost 1.9 liter intake water daily. This is not an only estimate for everyone, we all should aware of the fact that how much our body needs water, what is our physical requirement in other words, as to work best every organ, cell and tissue of our body needs water to be fit. The dehydration can occur with less drinking habits, and when it got mild type of dehydration it loses all your qualities to do work hard and it makes you feel tired.

5. Smile! And stay in a neat and clean environment


Smile will instantly help you to feel and look pretty, even if you don’t have any makeup on!

As Audrey Hepburn said: “The prettiest girl is the happiest one!” Smile every time you look in the mirror, smile to people you see on the street and, in general, let smile be your favorite accessory – you will see how the whole world will start smiling back at you!
Love yourself. Accept yourself fully and completely. Love the way you look with or without makeup, because you are truly unique and beautiful! Remember it!

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