10 Innovations 2015 IT Technology that could change the future


10 Innovations 2015


MIT Technology release every year 10 new Innovation which are great to see and can change future.the researcher work hard and this invention are made.In  2014,”10 Technology innovation of 2014″ was very good which include agricultural drones, ultraprivate smartphones,mobile collaboration,neuromorphic chips,genome editing,brain mapping and micro 3-D printing.This year again they launched 10 new Innovations and researcher made great effort on this Innovations.

Their most important technological 10 innovations 2015 are listed below.


Magic Leap

From many years inventors was trying to make real 3D image.3D image which we see that was just fooling our eye and it looks like 3D image which made effects on watchers eye and make feel ill. Magic Leap is a technology which uses very small projector to reflect light off directly into user’s retina who is viewing 3D image.This is real 3D image.




We always seen that heavy things are strong and light weighted thing are soft and flexible but not in all case.Inventor made it possible and they made light weighted thing strong.this invention was great and inventor was working hard for more improvement.


Car-to-Car communication

Aftter asking many people about this idea,most of the anwsers was this is not better invention it is useless. After working hard they developed new software which transmit speed,break engagement,position and all other data to nearby vehicles and It save driver life lift and alerts gives signal and avoid driver from accident.


Project Loon

Project Loon was great invention made by Google.They made effort on balloons which float in the stratosphere.With the help of this project we can have internet access worldwide.internet access is most important things in our life so Google made great project and every wireless carrior can connect to this balloons and can access internet.


Liquid biopsy


Many disease like cancer are detected when it is in advance stage.This project made possible to detect early stage of such diseases by blood test.This blood test developed to detect early stage of diseases so it can be treated proper on time to save life of peoples.


Megascale desalination

Water is very important for life and in many areas water is not present even to drink and in some area its not possible to drink water due to its condition.Human civilization relies on the drinkable water.water was purified from salt water in most country which was expensive.This project made water to get purify in less energy and less expensive as compare to before and it kill germs and make water drinkable.


Apple Pay

Apple pay was great way of payment.they made possible to pay anywhere whether its market near your house or want to pay online.It can be use to checkout in any area and make easy for iphone have great security of finger scan and it make this project more secure.


Brain organoids

Brain is important part of our body.This project was great invention.It was a special way of transforming akin cells into stem cells which can turn into clumps of neurons.This new research will help to know how brain work and also help to fight against brain problem like mind illness etc.


Supercharged photosynthesis

Plants are important things and it is very useful in our daily life.our daily life meals is also depend on plants and there productions.This research made possible to grow plants stronger and bigger in less time.It can fasten the growth of plants.


Internet of DNA

DNA is very important and doctor use DNA to inspect many things.If Digital record can be made of DNA sequences,then it would possible to share on internet, solve so many problem and make easy for all to access DNA records.

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